Finally: Secret Nazi Submarine That Secretly Brought Nazis to South America Found…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2018

So… another weird “Nazi Mystery” story…

Yet again.

New York Post:

A missing German submarine said to have taken the defeated Nazi leadership to South America has been discovered after being lost at sea for nearly 73 years.

The U-3523 was one of Hitler’s Type XXI submarines – a new and highly advanced design which came too late to stop an allied victory.

Yeah that blows.

It was the first class of U-boats designed to sail submerged for a prolonged period of time and had a range which allowed it to sail non-stop to South America.

The U-3523 was thought to have been sunk by a British B24 Liberator attack on May 6, 1945, but the inability to locate the wreck fuelled rumors that it had escaped.

Now the wreck has been located ten nautical miles north of Skagen – Denmark’s northernmost town – and nine miles west of the position reported by the British bomber.

Denmark’s Sea War Museum, which found the submarine, said there was no evidence that it was escaping with Nazi leaders or loot.

Also blows.

Gert Normann Andersen, the museum’s director, said: “Rumor has it that the submarine had great valuables from Germany because it was heading away from Germany even though the war ended.”

“I think the rumor developed because U-3523 was a very modern, long-distance U-boat and some Nazis tried to escape with valuables in the last days.”

“But the submarine was going to Norway, and not to South America with Nazis and valuables.”


Or maybe it was headed for the North Pole.

Declassified documents from US intelligence have fuelled claims that the Nazi leadership, including Adolf Hitler himself, escaped to South America in the final days of the war.

One CIA file dated October 3, 1955, carried allegations from a former SS trooper named Phillip Citroen that Hitler had been hiding in Colombia and later Argentina.

The trooper even had a photo taken in 1954 in the Colombian city of Tunja, allegedly showing him with a man said to be Hitler.

The document stated: “According to Citroen, the Germans residing in Tunja followed this alleged Adolf Hitler with an idolatry of the Nazi past, addressing him as ‘der Fuhrer’ and affording him the Nazi salute and storm-trooper adulation.”

Meanwhile a file from the FBI archives, dated September 21, 1945, detailed eyewitness claims that Hitler had arrived in Argentina via a submarine two-and-a-half weeks after the fall of Berlin.

Yeah but I mean… that could also just be the US trying to cover-up the fact that he made it to the North Pole. In the case that it was found out that there was no body in the bunker.

And of course, though I am particularly fond of the story of Adolf and Eva killing themselves together in the bunker, the possibility of escape is very real.

Stalin had a skull he said was Hitler’s skull, but then he started to not believe that it actually was and now that DNA exists no one knows where that skull is for whatever reason.

A North Pole base makes the most sense.

Especially if the Hollow Earth theory (believed by a lot of Nazis and possibly Hitler himself) is true.

Or if the Flat Earth theory is true. Because I think in that theory, the North and South Poles are actually the same place, part of a ring around the disc-shaped earth.

Actually no, I just Googled it and the North Pole is just a dot in the middle.

I guess it’s cold because it’s outside of the circle where the sun circles.

Either way, a damn good place to hide.

Also, it’s where Hyperborea was, and they might have ancient Atlantian technology there in underground temples.

And it sure would be sweet if the Nazis came back in UFO type ships they’ve spent the last 70 years developing and just started fucking up everyone’s shit.

Because by now, they would definitely have high-level human genetic-engineering and have created a real master race learned in the ancient Atlantian/Hyperborean traditions.

I mean, it’s maybe a long shot, but Hitler was a very sharp guy, so I wouldn’t be totally surprised if he pulled off a win of this war – which never ended, the Jews are still at war with the Aryan race – 70 years after everyone thought he died.

If I was doing odds, I’d say there’s at least a 15% chance that will happen.

Because I mean, look – hear me out here – why does stuff like this get discovered in 2016?

And it’s not even a big news story?

We also know that basically no one ever goes to the North Pole, ever. Or the South Pole for that matter. Meaning there probably are a bunch of ancient structures there from hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago that the Jews don’t want us to know about.

At the very least.

Seriously, unless you believe this mainstream “science” narrative, why would there not be?

Every single historical account from before like, 1700 talks about it.

We need to get to the bottom of this – quickly.

Because one thing is certain: we have absolutely no idea what is going on with the nature of reality itself, and the one thing that we do know is that evil kikes want us to believe that the purpose of human existence is to produce and consume. They also claim that we are empty machines, which makes no sense.

So I’m just saying.