Finally, Trump Blames Deaths of Children on Democrats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2018

While I still haven’t gotten an invite to come work at the White House, at least someone on Trump Team is reading this site and taking my absurdly obvious suggestions.

No one likes hearing about children dying.

As much as I mock dead children, I do it mainly to mock the way that their deaths are exploited by the media, rather than to specifically mock the dead child personally (I promise).

However, when you allow Democrats to use dead children as a weapon against you, you are falling exactly into their trap. Kristjen Nielsen’s pathetic response to these child deaths – which amounted to taking responsibility for them – was simply inexcusable. The worst imaginable reaction.

You are not somehow respecting dead children by saying “oh yes, I accept that I’m responsible for this” – that does not follow in any way logically. That just makes everyone accept the narrative that you’re responsible – including you own people, who then become disheartened.

The Jewish media just said that the dead children were Trump’s fault, without ever explaining what the Border Patrol could have done to prevent their deaths. At the very least, they could have asked: “what specifically could we have done, other than immediately driving these children to American hospitals?”

And of course the only possible Democrat response to that is “open the border and let them all march through the Tijuana crossing,” which even a large portion of Democrats are not comfortable with.

It is an absolute fact that if there had been a WALL, the Democrat/Jew NGOs never could have gone to Guatamala and Honduras and convinced these absolute primitives (most of whom do not even speak Spanish!) to marching through Mexico and try to rush the US border.

But Democrats stopped the WALL from being built.

This assessment is accurate.

Although the Ann Coulter argument is that he could have ordered the Department of Defense to build the WALL on day one. I don’t actually have any idea if that is true or not. With these ongoing federal court orders blocking everything Trump does – many of these things relating to national security – I am not so sure.

I suspect that after the new Democrat Congress comes in, that theory is going to be tested.

Because the shutdown will not go on forever, and it isn’t possible to get even the $5 billion for the WALL through Congress before 2021. I don’t think. I don’t see how it could be possible. Neither side is blinking on the shutdown, because the shutdown is irrelevant, and all that Trump can really do is show strength on the issue until he hits a wall (or perhaps until he hits artistic steel slats).

He is saying that he is going to completely close the border, and again, I don’t know if that is even possible. I hope it is. We’ll see.