Finland: 20-Something Syrian Child Refugee from Morocco Tried in Country’s First Ever Terror Trial

Daily Stormer
April 11, 2018

I couldn’t find any pictures of any of the two women killed by getting stabbed in the throat, but I did find a lot of pictures of this BASED PAKI – constantly referred to as a “Briton” – who supposedly tried to stop the other vibrant from over-vibrating

Neo-Nazis are gonna try to paint Moslems randomly stabbing women in the throat as a bad thing, but what they don’t realize is that terrorism is part and parcel of living in a large city, and this attack is actually proof that the city of Turku is actually becoming a great place to live in.

So don’t worry, be happy.


A rare terror trial opened Monday in Finland in the case of a Moroccan asylum-seeker and alleged Islamic State sympathizer charged with fatally stabbing two people and wounding eight others.


It wasn’t even that many.

More people die from having pianos fall on their heads than from terrorism, so there’s no point in worrying about that.

This is what you should actually be worrying about, you stupid goyim

Abderrahman Bouanane was led handcuffed into a makeshift courtroom set up inside a prison in Turku, the southwestern Finnish city where the Aug. 18, 2017 attack took place. Some of the victims were present in court.

The stabbing rampage at Turku’s main market square lasted some three minutes and left two women dead and six women and two men wounded, some of them seriously.

Now, I know the angle some neo-nazis are gonna play after this – “Immigrants randomly stabbing women in the throat on the street means immigration is bad LMAO.”


The real problem White women face today isn’t getting stabbed in the throat, gang-raped, run-over by trucks or some other petty sillines like that.

It’s oppression by the WhiteChristianNaziPatriarchy – WCNP for short – oppression that is also felt by non-White people, that is their true problem.

Do you realize there are still countries in Europe where people can make rape jokes without immediately being arrested???

Therefore, non-White men are natural allies to White women, and anything else is Nazi fake news peddled by Russian bots.

It is known.

“Unleash the hordes unbound”

State Prosecutor Hannu Koistinen has charged Bouanane with two counts of terror-related murder and eight counts of attempted murder with a terror-related motive, the first terror-related charges issued in Finland.

So in an overwhelmingly White country, the first ever terror charges are against a brown Moslem…

Tell me again how Finland isn’t a White supremacist country.

Prosecutors allege that Bouanane, who was born in 1994, wanted to spread fear among citizens and likely wished to be shot by police and die as a martyr.


Bouanane has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and injuring the people he wounded, but denies he intended to commit a terrorist act. He said Monday in court, where he wore a track suit and smiled often, that his initial plan was to kill two people by decapitating them.


He TOLD YOU that this wasn’t terrorism, he just wanted to decapitate two people, you stupid Nazis!

Also, he was smiling, which proves he’s trying to be a good boy and turn his life around!

And yet these White supremacists still want to send him to prison for no reason!

Bouanane arrived in Finland in 2016 and became radicalized about three months before the attack, according to police. His asylum application was rejected, but police said they don’t think that was not a motive for the attack.


So this is a case of HOMEGROWN TERRORISM that has nothing to do with immigration!

GOTCHA, you filthy Nazi scum!

Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for Bouanane. The trial is expected to end in mid-May.

Pure hatred…

Nothing but pure hatred…

If this poor child really gets a life sentence, then I worry for Sweden.

Because Sweden might not exist if Finland doesn’t have diversity.

And without Sweden, the most progressive and advanced country in the world, what are we supposed to do?

Think about it