Finnish Government to Investigate SS Volunteers That Gassed, Lampshaded Jews During WWII

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2018

All my life, I believed that Finns were good people.

Noble, honorable people with strong values.

But I was wrong.

Growing evidence suggests that numerous Finns were dedicated Nazis during World War II, and might have committed unspeakable acts of evil against God’s chosen people.

Worse still, they were volunteer Nazis.

That means they didn’t even get paid for it – they just did it for the lolz.

Jerusalem Post:

The government of Finland has announced the commissioning of an investigation into the actions of Finnish volunteers with Nazi Germany’s Waffen SS, following newly unearthed evidence that these fighters may have been involved in atrocities against Jews and other civilians on the Eastern Front during the Second World War.

It’s strange that the Finnish government suddenly decided to investigate this matter, seeing as World War II ended 73 years ago.

I guess they finally came to their senses…

The Finnish Prime Minister’s Office commissioned the country’s National Archives institution to conduct the investigation, following a request in January by the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), and ordered that it be completed by November.

Welp, maybe not.

It looks as though a Jewish pressure group had to remind Finnish politicians that tossing pregnant Jewesses into ovens and setting the temperature to 500°F is a serious war crime.

These Jews, folks.

They really are the conscience of mankind.

Finland was attacked by the USSR during the war, and subsequently fought against the Soviets alongside Nazi Germany after the initiation of Operation Barbarossa in 1941.

But Finland refused to hand over its local population of some 2,000 Jewish citizens to the Nazis, all of whom survived the war.

That’s g-great!

W-well done Finland!

There were, however, some 1,400 Finns who served in the Waffen SS on the Eastern Front, including in its 5th SS Panzer “Wiking” Division, along with volunteers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

According to SWC-Israel director Ephraim Zuroff, evidence emerged in recent years that Danish and Norwegian volunteers had participated in atrocities against Jews, but it was nevertheless thought the Finns had not been involved.

See, that’s what I believed.

Danes and Norwegians? Sure, I expect no less from those niggers of the North.

But not from the people who gave us Nightwish. ;_;

Or Max Payne. ;_;

… Actually, I can see the people who made Max Payne being pro-Hitler.

So it’s probably not the best example to give.

“As time goes by and the efforts to bring Nazis to justice are declining day by day because of the death of suspects and lack of political will to bring them to justice, one of the major issues has become the fight over the narrative,” said Zuroff.

“In various countries there have been many attempts to hide or minimize the role played by local collaborators. This is a major aspect of the Holocaust, and the identity of the perpetrators should not be erased or falsified.”

It’s definitely a tricky situation.

Most European governments do seem hesitant to prosecute ex-Nazis and collaborators that are still alive, presumably because they believe that the Holocaust is “old news” and “no biggie.”

It took the German government forever to sentence this one-man Auschwitz.

I think the best path forward is for Jews to become even more aggressive and merciless when hunting down elderly ex-Nazis. Everyone knows that the Holocaust happened (Schindler’s List was in black and white – you can’t get more historical than that), so it’s safe to presume that 100% of these people operated at least one pedal-powered skull crushing machine back in the day.

And they shouldn’t receive a “Get Out of Jail Free” card just because they’re 102 years old and suffering from cataracts.