Florida: Aryan Hero Ron DeSantis Warns That a Monkey Governor Would Monkey Things Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2018

Listen, Jews: the term is “frog whistle.”

Huffington Post:

Andrew Gillum became the Democratic nominee for Florida governor on Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning, his opponent, GOP candidate Ron DeSantis, made racist dog-whistle comments about him.

During an appearance on Fox News with Sandra Smith, DeSantis, who is white, doled out backhanded compliments to Gillum, who is black, calling him “an articulate spokesman.” He said Gillum performed better than other candidates, just before arguing that Florida shouldn’t elect him.

“The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state,” said DeSantis to Smith.

The monkey Gillum went on TV and whined about this.

Obviously, the easiest way for this fellow to stop getting called a monkey would be for him to stop being a nigger.

It’s been done before.

But he doesn’t seem interested in taking that route.

Trump has apparently given up on frog whistles completely, and is just saying it straight; the President tweeted this in response to Gillum’s nomination:

Just joshin ya.

Here it is:

This monkey, or nigger, or failed socialist, or whatever you want to call him, has no chance at all, as I explained in depth yesterday.

It’s so much fun watching the Democrats destroy themselves like this.