Florida Shooting: Sheriff Israel’s Men Were ORDERED to Stand Down!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2018

This Florida situation just keeps getting crazier and crazier as the facts continue to drip out.

First the cops couldn’t get there in time, then one cop was there and stood down, then 4 other cops were there and stood down, now we hear that they were literally ordered to stand down.

And no – it wasn’t the NRA that ordered them to stand down.

Fox News:

Fox News has learned that in the critical moments as first responding deputies were searching for an active shooter on the property of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, a commanding officer on scene apparently ordered some of the initial responders to “stage” and set up a “perimeter” outside — instead of immediately ordering or allowing officers to rush in to neutralize the suspect, Nikolas Cruz.

“It’s atrocious,” a law enforcement source who was on the scene after the shooting told Fox News. “If deputies were staging it could have cost lives.”

The law enforcement source said responding deputies and officers were called to an active shooter scene in which they are trained to immediately “go, go, go” toward the direction of the shooter. “Every second is another life,” the source said.

The Broward County Sherrif’s Office policy on active shooters indicates responding deputies may enter the building to preserve life without permission. That remains the priority until various objectives are met such as the shooter being detained. The policy does not appear to list staging — setting up an area to keep first responders safe before police secure a violent scene — or a perimeter as an immediate priority.

Fox News has repeatedly reached out to the Broward County Sheriff’s office — which was the commanding agency that day — for comment on the timeline of the shooting and also on the allegations of bad commands from any commanding officer. In an email, a BSO spokesperson wrote that the case remained active and ongoing and that no additional details were being released, per a Florida statute.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating all of the responding agencies and timeline of the day of the shooting. Fox News asked the FDLE about the specific allegations of bad commands or a pre-mature order to stage. In an email, an FDLE spokesperson wrote that its “review is active” and could not comment on the allegations.

One ranking Florida official close to the investigation told Fox News he and some of his colleagues have heard claims that some of the first responders at Stoneman Douglas were stalled getting inside because of bad commands.

Another source with close ties to a county and city official told Fox News a few of the responding officers on scene were very frustrated and one was brought to tears over the law enforcement response.

Fox News also obtained a dispatch log, showing that the officers were running around outside instead of going in.

We don’t yet know who ordered the deputies to “stage” instead of rushing in to kill the shooter and save the childrens, but we do know that whoever he was he was an official under the Jew Sheriff Scott Israel.

He hasn’t resigned, despite continued calls for him to do so.

Instead, he has blamed the NRA for his failure to stop his kinsman Nikolas Cruz from shooting up the school after being repeatedly warned he was going to and then his failure to stop him after he went in and started shooting.

This whole situation is insane, and yes, the fact that the police were ORDERED to stand down – instead of just cowering in fear, as was previously suggested – does further the narrative that the Jew Scott Israel actually wanted this shooting to happen.

I don’t go with conspiracy theories, as a rule, but there is a legitimate argument to be made here that the same people who allegedly accidentally screwed-up absolutely every single element of this event are the ones who are capitalizing on it politically.

And to be honest, at some point the “they let this happen on purpose” argument starts to make more sense than the “this is all just a coincidental series of horrible screw-ups that coincidentally benefits the people who made the screw-ups.”

NOTE: I am not arguing for the conspiracy theory. I am just saying that it makes sense and that I am also not going to argue that all of this was an accident and Sheriff Israel is telling the truth.