Florida: Street Chimp Goes FULL CONGO on White Hotel Owner Over Parking Spot Dispute

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2019

This is the reward the white man gets for being nice and patient with this nog.

The bottom line – which our ancestors knew all too well – is that you can’t reason with these savages. You can’t expect them to respond positively to politeness and other virtues that they (like all wild animals) regard as weaknesses to be exploited. All you can do is threaten to beat them, and if they start getting aggressive and uppity, to actually beat them until they remember their place.

Ah, but that would be virulent hatred for the color of the skin, wouldn’t it?

WMBF News:

A man seeking a parking spot on Memorial Day weekend attacked a Florida hotel owner.

Weeks later, police are still using surveillance footage to search for the attacker.

“People park in our spaces even though they say ‘tow away’ and everything else. And they’ll park in our private property and go to the beach,” said the hotel owner, who only identified him self as Rudy.

A man in red shirt was apparently one of those people, willing to attack Rudy so he could park wherever he wanted.

“He told me that when he comes to Hollywood, he parks wherever the F he wants to,” Rudy recalled. “I asked him very kindly if he would move.”

That’s when he said the man told him he wasn’t going anywhere.

“When I saw he was that hostile, I turned around and went to get my cell phone out of the office and to call the police,” Rudy explained.

When he went back outside, Rudy said the man was smoking a joint. The man allegedly told him that because Rudy was so nice to him, he would go ahead and leave after he finished smoking.

“So I told him, ‘You can’t smoke because I got a hotel full of people and kids here. The smell is everywhere. You can’t. You can’t do that.’” Rudy explained.

Still, it looked like he was going to leave, Rudy said.

He didn’t.

“Before I know it, he came up behind me and he sucker punched me,” Rudy said.

The man continued to beat Rudy until his female companion intervened.

The attack left him badly bruised on his throat and neck, suffering blurred vision and a possible concussion.


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