Florida Terrorist Attack is a Huge Whoops for the Jew-Left in Their Time of Crisis

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2017

Basically, leftism is in a state of full-on collapse.

After the BLM Kidnapping, they sure as hell didn’t need the Florida shooting.

We’ve got 5 dead and 8 wounded in an attack on the Fort Lauderdale airport.

The shooter was a Latino who was also a Moslem. That’s like their worst nightmare – a double vibrant attacker.

He also appears to be schizophrenic. Either schizophrenic or ISIS is doing MKULTRA now.

USA Today:

Law enforcement officials identified Esteban Santiago, 26, a former Army veteran, as the suspect behind the heinous attack. Santiago was taken into custody without incident by a Broward County sheriff’s deputy, Sheriff Scott Israel said on Friday.

Born in New Jersey, Santiago served in both the Puerto Rico National Guard and the Alaska Army National Guard, according to Lt. Col. Candis A. Olmstead, director of public affairs for the Alaska National Guard. A federal official, who is not authorized to speak publicly about the case, added that Santiago arrived in Fort Lauderdale early Friday aboard a Delta flight that originated Thursday in Anchorage and passed through Minneapolis.

The FBI conducted a background check, learning of his military record, which included service in Iraq, but found no connection to terror groups. “We have not ruled out terrorism,” FBI special agent George Piro in a press conference late Friday night. “We’re not ruling out anything.”

According to the FBI, Santiago appeared unannounced in the FBI offices in Anchorage, complaining that the Islamic State had gained control of his mind and the terror group was urging him to fight on its behalf.

“During the interview, Santiago appeared agitated and incoherent, and made disjointed statements,” the FBI said in a statement. “Although Santiago stated that he did not wish to harm anyone, as a result of his erratic behavior, interviewing agents contacted local authorities who took custody of Santiago and transported him to a local medical facility for evaluation.

“The FBI closed its assessment of Santiago after conducting database reviews, inter-agency checks, and interviews of his family members.”

Anyway, crazy or not, he’s a Moslem convert.

So I mean, if they try to say “not Islam, just mental health,” that will end up looking even worse, because it’s blatantly them trying to cover it up.

For the multicultists to get two in a week like this – wow. As this airport shooter is a double-whammie combining Islam and brown immigration, you add the black torturers and you’ve got the triple threat.

Besides the backlash against them for all their programs resulting in mass death and human suffering, they’re also losing the edge. There is just nothing to see that is hip or trendy or sexy about any of this Jew agenda at this point. In fact, the whole thing is completely disgusting, and any single heterosexual white male defending it looks like a coward who is simply incapable of questioning what he’s been indoctrinated to believe.

In the society, the Alt-Right is basically going to have the minds of the overwhelming majority of young white men, starting now. If we encourage them to form gangs and take a stand against the enemies of the race – which I am doing – we will have the young white women as well, very soon.

We will get into discussion of how to create your own gangs and get people in them in the near future. We need strong white gangs to be the norm. This will give the youth meaning, keep them safe and get them laid.

In the political sphere, there is really no option but for things to go our direction, somewhat rapidly. There exists no real alternative to the old cuckservative establishment that Donald Trump destroyed during his campaign. They can try to replace it with some sort of Breitbart-tier civic nationalism, but once you accept that, it is pretty easy to accept racial nationalism, especially since the retard left has already framed every discussion in politics in terms of race.

When you have been forced to think of everything in terms of race by the Jew media, then you see Black torture hate gangs and Latino ISIS, it’s not a big step to go full-Nazi.