Former NFL Executive Says There were Hundreds of Domestic Violence Incidents During His Time

Daily Slave
October 10, 2014

Former Negro Felon League executive Jerry Angelo says he saw hundreds upon hundreds of domestic violence cases in the league during his tenure.

Jerry Angelo, a former Negro Felon League executive, recently said there were “hundreds and hundreds” of domestic violence incidents that were brushed under the rug during his time in the league.

“I made a mistake,” Jerry Angelo told USA TODAY Sports. “I was human. I was part of it. I’m not proud of it.”

Angelo, who managed the Chicago Bears from 2001 to 2011, said that his general method when hearing of Blacks beating their wives and girlfriends was to ask them “OK, is everybody OK? Yeah. How are they doing? Good.”  Then he would forget about it.

This should not be a surprise, considering how many Blacks have come through the league during his tenure.  Blacks are obviously more racially prone to commit acts of violence than other races.  All of the most high profile domestic violence cases which have been a public relations disaster for the league were committed by Blacks.  The Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice incidents are the two most notable ones.

The Jewish controlled mass media have promoted these Black sports athletes as icons for our youth to worship for far too long.  Even though athletics can be a healthy part of society if promoted in the proper context, this is not how it is being used in America.  It is being used to promote Cultural Marxist filth and pushed as a deliberate distraction to keep people from talking about real issues that directly affect them.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.