Freedom for Luca Traini: “The Cry of Rage of an Italy That Wants to React and Not Die Under the Black Magic of Nigerian Rituals”

Diversity Macht Frei
July 4, 2018

Free Luca Traini!

White Rampage shooter Luca Traini has recently been transferred to a prison in Piacenza. The local branch of far-right patriotic party Forza Nuova has shown solidarity with up by putting up a banner demanding his liberation.

“Today, as yesterday, Forza Nuova aligns itself with Luca Traini. It will be politically incorrect, but Luca’s act can happen when citizens feel themselves alone and betrayed, when our people live in terror because of ongoing uncontrolled immigration that has become just a business. We can already hear the scorn of many people when they see the banner, but we have in our ears the furious weeping of Pamela’s family, Pamela who was barbarously cut up by Nigerians who, thanks to a sick justice system, are already free. This banner represents the cry of rage of an Italy that wants to react and not die under the black magic of Nigerian rituals.” Maurizio Callegari, an FN official in Piacenza, is concise: “Traini in prison for not having killed anyone while Pamela’s presumed killers, after having raped her, attacked her, torn out her heart and cut her into pieces, and no one has yet been definitively found guilty: it’s a disgrace.”


Graffiti praising Traini has proliferating all over Italy.


Honour to Cap. Luca Traini

And pro-Traini memes have been spreading across the internet.

Luca Traini – Hero – Italy for the Italians

Luca Traini – The Avenger – The Defender of Italy – The Revenge of the People – The Ultimate Legionary – Thank You Hero

But it’s a definite edging out of the Overton window when an officially-constituted political party calls for the release of a White Rampage shooter who doesn’t even contest his own guilt – “I have no regrets. I am sorry they aren’t dead.”