Four Men Men Were Arrested for Toxic Masculinity on Public Transit – Three More Men Wanted

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

This problem is only a problem with men. 100% of these men have penises. There is no other connection which has any merits. It does not matter if these men have any other common feature.


Seven men have been arrested for indecent exposure and sex abuse incidents at Metro. Police say there have been 63 reported cases of indecent exposure on the rail system in 2018.

Investigators used digital surveillance footage and victims reports to capture the men accused in these recent cases.

“Unfortunately, I have been a victim of that myself on the Green Line train. So not a surprise, and actually quite honestly, it’s disgusting,” said Metro rider DiDi Green. “It’s like, why? What for? Who are you? And what’s wrong with you? You know, there’s got to be something wrong.”

Metro Transit Police arrested Antony West, 36, Christopher Tyson, 26, Donnell Boggon, 34, Duane Funderburk, 43, Hollyman McQueen, 54, LaPhonso Davis, 31, and 37-year-old Mallory Brown.