Fox News Jew Ovens SPLC Kinsmen

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2018

For News’ John Stossel – who is himself a Hebrew – has produced a segment calling out the SPLC.

This is a somewhat major development. The SPLC has been repeatedly cited by the network for years. Of course, Tucker Carlson has repeatedly called them out, but Tucker Carlson is doing something different than the rest of the channel.

However, it appears that Fox realizes that Tucker is what sells and that this is the direction that they need to move in.

Furthermore, I am starting to believe that the Jews who work for this network actually do feel a need to “get out in front of the goyim” by moving with the Overton Window.

Fox has always been to the left of their audience, but done so in a clever way with “I don’t hate immigrants, I just think they need to come here legally” and “I’m fine with gay people, I just don’t think they should be able to get married.” The viewer – who doesn’t want any brown people coming in and isn’t okay with gays in any context – is unable to pick-up on the fact that they are being moved to the left.

Well, we’ve moved the mainstream right. Not necessarily the Daily Stormer specifically (though we’ve played a big role), but the entire online right-wing community. Social media trolls have played a huge part in this. As have podcasters and YouTube personalities.

In order to stay relevant, Fox has had to move right. They don’t have any choice. So now they are at, “sure, the KKK is maybe bad, but the SPLC is evil.”

And this can only keep getting better. Because the post-Cville shutdown did not work, and broadcast television is becoming more irrelevant by the minute. Sure, you’ve seen people like Cernovich take on the role of neo-boomer-con, but that is all he has done: shifted his appeal to boomers. He has dumped the young people who used to follow him.

We have the young. We have the majority of right-wing millennials, and we have created a culture that teenagers cannot resist.

The future belongs to us.