Fox News Provides Coverage of Fuentes-Shapiro Confrontation That is Both FAIR and BALANCED!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2019


Fox News has given a report on the recent event wherein the Jew Ben Shapiro used his wife and child as human shields to protect himself against a question from Nick Fuentes.

It’s fair and it’s balanced.

It doesn’t even use the terms “Holocaust denier” or “Cookie Monster supporter.”

Fox News:

Far-right activist Nick Fuentes fired back at Nikki Haley, Meghan McCain and other critics Saturday, after they slammed Fuentes for confronting writer Ben Shapiro on Friday while Shapiro was walking by with his wife and children.

The Friday incident in Florida, near the site of the Turning Point USA conference where President Trump spoke Saturday, also drew comments from Megyn Kelly, Michael Avenatti and Sebastian Gorka, among others.

But on Saturday, the 21-year-old Fuentes, host of the “America First” podcast, was unapologetic in his response.

“It’s great to see the four most dishonest media hacks in contemporary politics put aside their differences and come together in defense of civility… yea that or maybe there’s an ulterior motive here. I see four never Trumpers that have an axe to grind with American First.”

They included his tweet in the article!

And it continued.

Fuentes was outside, talking with conservative writer Andy Ngo and a small group of others when the Shapiro family walked past them. Fuentes spotted Shapiro and walked toward him.

“Why did you give a 45-minute speech about me at Stanford, and you won’t even look in my direction?” Fuentes is heard shouting at Sharpiro in the video. “C’mon, I’m right here … ”

Shapiro continues to walk away without acknowledging Fuentes.

“Wow, well, that’s our free speech for you, everybody,” Fuentes says to the onlookers.

Later Friday, Fuentes accused Shapiro of using his family as “human shields.”

“I guess Ben Shapiro is only against the use of human shields when the Palestinians do it,” Fuentes wrote on Twitter.

It included several other tweets by Nick, and those against him – but here’s the nutty part.

They actually mentioned that a lot of people were backing Fuentes!

But some commenters backed Fuentes.

“I have watched @benshapiro for years,” wrote Joshua Foxworth, a Marine Corps veteran running for Congress in Texas. “He has a consistent pattern of using his platform to attack opponents and then if those opponents dare to defend themselves, they are slandered for being unprofessional. He and allies did this with @realDonaldTrump.”

Then they even talked about how he was detained by the cops at the behest of Turning Point USA people!

On Saturday evening, photos and video posted on social media showed Fuentes being detained by police outside the Turning Point USA conference site. In one video, onlookers chant “America First!” as Fuentes talks with police.

Inside the hall, Shapiro appeared to be addressing the confrontation in remarks to the audience, according to a video posted online.

“There are certain conversations that are just not worth it,” Shapiro says, “as we have noticed recently.”

That’s what the article closes with!

Shapiro saying that he won’t debate Nick because it’s “just not worth it”!

There is nothing pro-Nick here.

It is just a description of what happened.

But there is no loaded language, claiming that he is evil. They do not bring up the Cookie Monster joke. They do not call him a Nazi or a white nationalist.

They do not clutch pearls over “muh wife and kids” – they just accurately describe that others are doing that.

Basically, it appears that the media is now aware that this entire “muh muh muh how dare you” bit has worn so thin that they have to at least pretend to be objective when dealing with this ongoing situation of Nick and his Groypers being unsatisfied with the status quo within the conservative establishment.

It’s really happening.

(Here’s the link to an archive of the Fox News article as it appeared at time of writing in case someone decides it was a bit too fair and balanced and decides to throw in some weasel wording.)


Apparently, by the time I found the article they had already edited it to change “conservative” to “far right” in their description of Nick.