Fox News Tele-Skank Chased Out of Brooklyn Bar by Crazy Lefty Bitch

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2018

So this happened earlier in the week.

But it’s worth mentioning now because it’s a… learning moment for all the self-righteous conservacucks still barely holding out against Trump and against us.

National Review:

Fox News personality and National Review contributor Kat Timpf was forced to leave a bar in Brooklyn over the weekend after a woman she had never met became enraged upon learning she worked in conservative media.

Remember kids, a woman who uses mono-syllabic names like “Kat” and “Timpf” concurrently means with a 95% chance certainty that she a hoe. 

Timpf, who has twice previously been harassed while socializing in New York City, first described the incident in a Friday night tweet and later expanded on her initial description of the confrontation during a Monday interview with National Review.

Now, where have I heard Kat’s name in the news before?

Oh yeah. Right after Charlottesville. 

She didn’t like Trump taking some of the heat for us.

Not. One. Bit.

Daily Beast, August 15, 2017:

“It’s crazy for me to have to comment because I’m still in the phase where I’m wondering if it was actually real life what I just watched,” a visibly stunned Timpf told her co-host Eboni Williams. “It was one of the biggest messes I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe it happened.”

Timpf then railed against the president for saying he waited two days to unequivocally condemn white-nationalist hate groups because “You don’t make statements that direct unless you know the facts”—a claim that strikes with particular irony considering how knee-jerkedly Trump reacts to violent incidents purportedly involving Muslims.

She continued the fury: “For him to take 48 hours, that is something he has never done before. And, yeah, it shouldn’t be some kind of bold statement to say, ‘Yes, a gathering full of white supremacist Nazis doesn’t have good people in it. Those are all bad people, period.’ And fact that that’s controversial, I don’t know if i should just laugh. I have too much eye makeup on to start crying right now.”

She concluded: “It’s disgusting.” 

Lol. Lordy, I am laffin’ now!

And feeling quite smug, tbh

By the way, I have some advice that I’m willing to dole out, free of charge to anyone in the “biz” willing to listen. All of these “conservative” on-air personalities really ought to get the hell out of Dodge.

Or you know what I mean, out of the liberal cities.

This recent wave of IRL harassment by Antifa and just regular crazy SJW types was a bit surprising… if you weren’t paying attention as closely as we were.

Because it was predictable.

As always, the trailblazers and the vanguard absorb the most damage upfront… but we also learn our lessons quicker. Some of these Fox News conservathots however, not the brightest bulbs in the… bulb storage place.

They really thought that they could just read off whatever milquetoast script their nerd interns wrote them and keep on smiling on camera into their early 40s.

But now, the Golem is loose and they’re gonna start feeling the squeeze. Unlike Tucker Carlson, “journalists” like Kat don’t have any skin in the game. And once they add a little bit more skin and fat rolls to their already ballooning figures, they usually switch camps, like Megyn Kelly did.

But it seems that this route just ain’t in the cards anymore!

Just working for Fox means being called a Nazi and kicked out of the trendy rootless cosmopolitan bar. The horror. The absolute horror.

All I gotta say is, lose the hipster glasses and keep those pounds off, Kat. 

You our girl now. Best start looking the part.