Foxconn Announces Plant in Wisconsin! THIS IS REAL!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2017

Before Trumpenreich

After Trumpenreich

Trump told WSJ that Tim Cook told him he was bringing three Apple plants to the US.

The Jew media immediately announced that he was lying.

And then now we have one plant.

Which even the filthy kike WaPo has to admit is a complete reversal of the kinds of policies we’ve been seeing since the Clinton era – almost as if…

As if…

As if America is being made great again.

Washington Post:

Foxconn, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, unveiled plans Wednesday to build a $10 billion factory in southeastern Wisconsin, delivering a much-needed win for President Trump and Gov. Scott Walker.

The new facility, which will make flat-screen displays, will be located in the congressional district of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) in one of the critical battleground states that propelled Trump to victory in November.

The move by Foxconn to open its first major factory in the United States is a break with global manufacturing trends over the past 30 years. Foxconn builds electronic gadgets for nearly every major technology company, including Apple, Google and, in massive factories in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. But until now, it has had a very limited presence in developed countries where labor costs are higher.

The workers it hires at its Wisconsin facility would represent a tiny fraction of the company’s workforce of 1.2 million. And officials gave contradictory numbers on exactly how many jobs Foxconn was creating in the state.

Walker, a Republican who is facing a difficult reelection next year, said the investment would create 13,000 jobs, with an average pay of $53,000 plus benefits. But the company said that it would be hiring 3,000 workers over four years. It added that it could eventually hire more but did not provide further details.

The governor also said his state would offer $3 billion in economic incentives to seal the deal. The high cost drew criticism from Democrats lawmakers in Wisconsin.

The deal was announced in the East Room of the White House, reflecting its political importance for Trump and Walker.

WaPo goes on to describe how even though he just accomplished a feat that would have been considered the stuff of absurdist fiction a year ago, he is still a piece of shit and no one likes him because “we’ve got these poll, brah – and polls have never been hoaxed in history, ever – especially never by the Jews.”

The fact of the matter is that Trump is delivering left and right on what he said he would deliver on.

We’re banning trannies, we’re getting a theocracy, we’re building factories, we’re pulling our terrorists out of Syria, we’re cutting the national debt at a rapid pace, the stock market is higher than it ever has been in history – this is real life, it’s what’s for dinner.

But while the media hoaxes the Democrats with this endless Russia gibberish, they are also hoaxing the right-wingers by refusing to cover any of the good things Trump is doing, instead focusing on things we don’t like, such as Trump’s inability to control the military yet. Or this endless Obamacare repeal nonsense.

But for any of you disbelievers, just imagine where we would be with Hillary Clinton right now.

We would probably already be in a war with Russia.

500,000 ISIS refugees would have already flooded in.

This website would be cockblocked at the level of the URL and you would only be able to view it through some kind of darkweb sorcery, and probably when you did you would get hunted down and put in a FEMA camp.

Every bad thing you could imagine would be happening.

Instead we’re walking on sunshine in a tranny-free theocracy, building microchip.

Try to enjoy it.

NOTE: Yes, I understand that a Foxconn factory is not an “Apple factory” and I understand that the kike media will try to be all like BUT HE SAID APPLE FACTORY NOT FACTORY OF COMPANY THAT BUILDS PARTS FOR APPLE. Of course, it is effectively an Apple factory, as Apple is their main customer and Tim Cook himself has a lot of sway over their decisions. So yes, when Trump said “Apple factory,” it was totally fair.