France: 153 High Schoolers Arrested for Rising Up Against Lead Homosexual Psychopath Macron

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2018

Not the best look, Macron.

This weekend bash is getting kicked off early with children rising up at a high school and trying to take it down in the name of the people of France.

This is 153 arrests. That is a lot of arrests. It’s like it’s the entire school.

It was the top story on Le Monde this morning – that’s the biggest tabloid in France. They said that one of the police officers can be heard saying “now that’s a well-behaved class.” And that there is much outrage.

The video is definitely outrageous. Sci-Fi dystopian-nightmare-tier. Many brown children.

Probably not the greatest idea to make “high schoolers, generally” a specific target of the Macron crackdown and then broadcast it all over national news. This is going to ensure a major high schooler representation in the streets on Saturday.

Evening Standard:

Children as young as 12 were among 153 pupils arrested at a high school near Paris after new protests in support of the “Yellow Vests” movement.

Dramatic footage shows how police in riot gear lined up youngsters on their knees with their hands tied behind them.

The pupils, from the Lycée Saint-Exupéry in Mante-la-Jolie, 30 miles west of Paris, had allegedly threatened to burn down the school during a nationwide day of action that blockaded schools in protest at education reforms.

It comes as French authorities are braced for the possibility of more riots and violence at anti-government protests this weekend.

Prime minister Edouard Philippe said 89,000 police will be deployed across France, with armoured cars in Paris and the Eiffel Tower and Louvre shut.

Police unions and city authorities met to strategise on how to handle the protests on Saturday, which are being held even though French President Emmanuel Macron earlier this week cancelled a fuel tax hike that had unleashed weeks of unrest.

The Eiffel Tower, along with more than a dozen museums, two theatres and other cultural sites in Paris, will be closed Saturday for security reasons.

Tomorrow is expected to mark the biggest single violent uprising in Europe since WWII.

This may be the turning point at which this becomes a revolution. It of course already would be a revolution if it was not for the white man’s work ethic – the fact that they are only able to riot on Saturdays because they have work.

Last Saturday, the cops were firing tear gas canisters at people’s bodies, which can pretty easily kill someone. They said they’re not going to do that again this week after they were forced to admit to ordering officers to do it, but the reason officers needed to do it is because they couldn’t take the protesters otherwise and were being forced to fallback.

Needless to say, if someone dies in the protests at the hands of the cops, Macron will have to resign. On the other side, if protesters are able to overrun government buildings, Macron will have to resign. So the whole thing is basically dependent on the police forces being able to hit a sweet spot between not enough and too much force.

This is the definitive “teetering on the brink” situation.

And to think… Macron could have avoided all of this if he had only managed to be slightly less repulsive in his psychopathic homosexual arrogance.

Of course, if it’s not done this weekend, our lads will be back out next weekend.

This revolution has only just begun.