France: Attacks on Firemen Reach Record Levels

Daily Stormer
August 21, 2019

I wonder what could be causing this extremely unique problem?

The Local:

Since the end of June, French firefighters have been taking industrial action in a row about resources – but also the rising number of attacks they face on duty. Caroline Pierron finds out more.

The weekend started off badly for Aix-en-Provence firefighters. Overnight between Friday and Saturday, as they were trying to resuscitate an 80 year-old man in the Jas-de-Bouffan neighborhood, the two men were warned their emergency vehicle was being stolen.

The firefighters finally found their truck, 20 metres away from the scene with one side ripped off, stuck between a wall and another car. The station has filed a complaint.

On Saturday, in the city of Noisy-le-Roi near Paris, a 15-year-old assaulted the firefighters who came to help him. The three men were intervening after a call from the young man’s mother, who feared he would die after he supposedly mixed pills and alcohol.

When they arrived, the teenager threatened to ”snuff them”. He kept on punching and kneeing the firefighters until they managed to control him.

Two of the three men had cuts and bruises on their facesthey will be unable to work for six and 10 days respectively. The young man was held in custody after being taken care of in hospital.

These people had to skip work over some cuts and bruises?

What kind of hecking firemen are they?

Since 2017, firefighters experienced a rise of 23 percent rise in the number of assaults during interventions. To tackle this worrying phenomenon, a decree allowing first responders to wear personal cameras to film interventions was issued last month.

“The population is being abandoned. Emergency services cannot meet people’s needs anymore and firefighters are the last link in this chain,” André Goretti, president of firefighters’ union the Fédération autonome des sapeurs-pompiers professionnels, told Franceinfo.

I’m assuming this is happening because more stuff is also being set on fire, since the number of niggers in their country is also increasing and for them fire is a new, exciting thing.

If you don’t believe me, type in “torched cars” on Joogle. Most of the first 3 pages will be about news from France (the rest will be about Sweden).

He went on to explain: ”We need to provide an adequate response [for each intervention], but it takes time because we have fewer human resources. We take longer to intervene and people are getting irritated.

“When they feel like the response is not appropriate, they take it out on emergency crews.”

Yeah, no.

That never happens in White areas.

Even if White people are angry at said emergency crews, they don’t attack them because they understand that throwing a brick at the head of the guy trying to stop your house from burning down doesn’t usually do any good.

That’s a concept niggers don’t seem to understand.

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