France: Cops Confiscate Rocket Launcher from Criminals, Because Gun Control Totally Works

Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

If Orwell were alive today, he’d be a writer for the Daily Stormer, and his favorite anime would be K-ON!

Fun fact: If you live anywhere outside of North Korea, you can buy a gun, no matter what the laws say.

And even bigger things than guns aren’t really that hard to get either, if you have enough money and go about it in a smart way.


Police in the French commune of Vaulx-en-Velin near Lyon made a shocking discovery over the weekend when they found a military-grade rocket launcher in the boot of a car.

The rocket launcher was discovered in the trunk of a Renault Megane belonging to two alleged criminals on Friday evening after police caught the pair outside a garage and later discovered the vehicle parked inside it, Le Parisien reports.

The two men, identified only as a 22-year-old and a 26-year-old, are already well-known to police according to investigators, with one source explaining that when the men were caught one of them had been in possession of the electronic starter of the car that contained the rocket launcher.

I’m completely shocked that the cops didn’t give their names, although I don’t think it’s hard to guess that both of them are named some variant of Muhammad.

I know this because Moslems are very oppressed in France for no reason, and this makes them commit crime and terrorism and stuff.

These critters have a lot of chutzpah.

After arresting the pair, police said they searched the garage and found a number of items including chequebooks, stolen bank cards, and a number of automobile parts and licence plates. The car is believed to have been used in connection with robberies of freight trucks in the area as well.

The find of the rocket launcher is just the latest by French police in some of the country’s “sensitive” suburban areas, and is the third military weapon to be found in the last two months alone.

But how is all this possible?

I thought it was illegal to break the law in France.

As always, Sweden lit the path and the French were too conceited to follow.

In 2017, French police in the heavily migrant-populated Seine-Saint-Denis suburbs of Paris also discovered an anti-tank rocket launcher, and then only a few months later another even larger weapons cache was found following raids in Eure-et-Loir, Eure, and Yvelines.

Prosecutor Rémi Coutin commented on the scale of the find, noting, ” investigators seized seven weapons of war, including two loaded and ready-to-run M80 rocket launchers capable of destroying a tank, two Kalashnikovs, one Spanish assault rifle, [and] two machine guns”. ]

He added that officers also found “twenty-two long guns including seven shotguns, 80 kg of ammunition or tens of thousands of rounds, and four jammers.”

Western Europeans, the French in particular, have been saying for decades that America has a lot of gun deaths because it has a lot of guns, when in reality they have a lot of gun deaths because they have a lot of non-Whites, especially niggers.

Realistically speaking, it’s not that much harder to get a gun in Europe than in the US, it’s just that it’s usually not legal.

Lack of gun control and poverty and so on have very little effect on violence.

The single most important thing that decides how much violent crime there is in a country is the number of monkeypeople infesting it, and really nothing else.

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