France: Macron Calls Emergency Meeting to Address Apparent Violent Revolution

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2018

It is seriously happening in France.

As we reported yesterday, what started out as fuel protests have now transformed into a violent far-right insurrection against the government.

There are now roving gangs of yellow vests burning everything and demanding the government be disbanded.

Macron initially dismissed this entire thing in the most elitist way imaginable, pouring fire on the gas protest. I don’t know if he has the ability to say or do anything without acting like an elitist prick. He is a real third-stringer, this faggot, and somehow he’s found himself as the de facto leader of the EU.

By the way, when the media keeps saying “this is the worst unrest in a decade,” they’re talking about Arab riots a decade ago. White people haven’t rioted like this since the 60s.

The Guardian:

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, will hold an emergency meeting of senior ministers on Sunday after central Paris saw its worst unrest in a decade on Saturday. Thousands of masked protesters fought running battles with police, set fire to cars, banks and houses and burned makeshift barricades on the edges of demonstrations against fuel tax rises.

On Sunday morning, Paris authorities hired extra trucks to begin removing the carcasses of burnt cars on from the scorched pavements of some of Paris’s most expensive streets, amid graffiti calling for Macron to resign.

The literal most expensive areas, right in the very center.

Tourists were trapped in malls. And they destroyed an Apple Store at Champs Elysee.

They’re trying to frame this as though yesterday there were far-right guys who agitated the rest of the mob. Which is I assume true. But what they are downplaying is that the mob went along with it.

And when the cops attack the entire mob, it binds it together with its most extreme elements.

Piles of teargas canisters littered broken pavements in front of rows of shattered shopfronts and smashed windows, as TV channels showed non-stop footage of central Paris in flames during Saturday’s events.

The government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux did not rule out imposing a state of emergency – which two police unions have called for. The president, prime minister and interior minister said they would discuss all available options.

Yeah sure – treat them like they’re Moslems.

See how that works out.

More than 400 people were arrested on Saturday, with over 300 still in police custody on Sunday. More than 130 people were injured, while one protester is in serious condition in a coma.

Violence erupted on the margins of anti-fuel tax demonstrations held by the citizens’ protest movement known as the gilets jaunes – or yellow jackets. Speaking from the G20 meeting in Argentina, Macron said he would “never accept violence”.

He added: “No cause justifies that security forces are attacked, shops pillaged, public or private buildings set on fire, pedestrians or journalists threatened or that the Arc de Triomphe is sullied.

Now surely some causes justify violence – otherwise, why would France have a military?

Even if these are just “fuel protests” – which no one can claim after yesterday – that is still a more meaningful cause than whatever France’s cause for bombing Libya was.

The president said that the peaceful demonstrators had legitimate concerns and he would hear their “anger”, added their demonstrations had been infiltrated by violent rioters who would be brought to trial in court.

Macron, who has staked his political identity on a vow to never give in to street protests, is now under pressure to find a way to calm the growing mood of social revolt in France, which has taken him by surprise.

In Paris, riot police started firing the first tear-gas early on Saturday morning, as peaceful gilets jaunes arrived at the Champs Élysées. The spontaneous citizens’ movement, began in mid-November protesting against rising fuel taxes but it has morphed into a much broader anti-government and anti-Macron one challenging inequality and poor living standards.

Yeah, I guess that’s what the media wants it to be about.

“Blah blah blah, something something something, equality and standards and so on.”

It’s safe to assume that most of the people are just angry in general. Which is in some ways the most difficult form of anger to deal with. Especially when you’re such a prick, that you believe that it makes you look powerful on the world stage to treat your own country’s citizens like they’re worthless peasants.

The mass arrests yesterday seem to have kept things relatively cool today.

Yesterday was really something though.

Near the Arc de Triomphe, one of Paris’s most symbolic monuments, masked men burned barricades, set fire to buildings, smashed fences and torched luxury cars as riot police fired teargas and water-cannon.

Anti-Macron graffiti was scrawled over the Arc de Triomphe near the tomb of the unknown soldier and protestors then burst into the 19th century monument smashing up its lower floors, destroying the gift shop and smashing up statues, before climbing onto the roof.

Then, by early evening, rioters spread around Paris in a game of cat and mouse with police. Luxury department stores on Boulevard Haussmann were evacuated and convenience stores were pillaged.

Near the Louvre, metal grills were ripped down at the Tuileries Garden and fires were started. On the Place Vendôme, a hub of luxury jewellery shops and designer stores, rioters smashed windows and built barricades.

Across France, more than 75,000 gilets jaunes demonstrated all day on Saturday in cities or blocked roads and toll booths, with some briefly storming the runway at the Nantes airport and others blocking major motorway junctions or targeting prefects’ offices and tax offices.

On Sunday morning, Paris authorities were attempting to clean the facade of the Arc de Triomphe which had been covered in graffiti, including in large black letters: “The yellow vests will triumph.”

The gilets jaunes have significant support from the general public and are proving the biggest headache yet for Macron.



This is the biggest challenge he’s dealt with as a leader, for sure. Much bigger than the challenge of whining about how Orange Man doesn’t respect global warming theory.

This guy is the archetypal “little faggot who thinks he’s better than everyone.” He is a fundamentally repulsive pervert.

The EU might end up regretting not just letting Le Pen win. She wasn’t actually going to do anything anyway, she had openly said as much before the election – saying she was basically just a conservative who wanted better social benefits and so on.

Right now, it looks as though this yellow vests movement could at any moment turn into a Maidan style rush on the parliament.

Presumably, the French would not allow a violent mob to takeover their parliament in the way the Ukrainians did. But I’m not sure what they would do in such a case.

When you take the position Macron has taken – that no matter what, he won’t ever do anything that the French people want him to do – you put yourself in a situation where eventually you’re gonna have to start opening fire on civilians, Arab dictator style.

That would certainly not be good optics for the EU’s premise of “human rights and democracy.”