France: Man SMASHES CHINKS with His Car!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2017

The identity of the driver has not been confirmed. In the US that means “not white,” but European countries have laws protecting criminals for some reason. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that.

The Telegram:

A man rammed a vehicle into three Chinese students near the French city of Toulouse on Friday, leaving one of them in a serious condition, police sources told AFP.

The driver, who was arrested immediately afterwards in the city’s Blagnac suburb, acted “deliberately” but was not on a list of known extremists, one source said, asking not to be named.

France has been victim of a series of vehicle attacks by extremists inspired by the Islamic State group, but there was no immediate confirmation of the driver’s identity or motive.

The BFM news channel said the man was known to police for previous non-terror crimes and officers were checking reports he suffered from major psychological problems.

All three of Friday’s victims were in their twenties, with a 23-year-old woman the most seriously injured and two men aged 22 and 23 also hurt. The first reports from the scene suggested two of them had been seriously injured.

Presumably, a white guy wouldn’t want to smash random chinks. More likely, a Moslem would just be smashing random people, whoever they were.

Generally, Moslems tend to target whites purposefully, but not necessarily. Also I mean, you’re running down people randomly with a car, you’re not really going to be able to see them very well, especially in the cold weather when they’re wearing coats and hats.

And chinks have whitish skin.

Not as white as Koreans though, who look huwhite to me.


Sucks to get run over with cars, France. Even if it is random chinks who are in your country for some reason.

But it’s the price to pay for that sweet, sweet, juicy vibrancy that you crave.