France: Neo-Nazis Upset Gardens are Getting Diversified with Giant Worm Refugees from Asia

Daily Stormer
May 26, 2018

Diversity comes in many forms – all of them disgusting

It seems that a species moving someplace where it doesn’t belong is a danger to the species already there… Unless of course the species that’s already there is White people, then it’s something to celebrate.

Because the fundamentals of ecology don’t apply to Europeans.

Washington Post:

When Jean-Lou Justine received the first photograph of a giant worm with a head like a shovel, the biologist was astounded.

Hammerhead flatworms, which grow to a foot or more in length, do not belong in European vegetable gardens. “We do not have that in France,” said Justine, a professor at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. The predatory worms are native to Asia, where they happily gobble up earthworms under a warmer sun.

The gardener who took the first photo, an amateur naturalist named Pierre Gros, emailed Justine a second picture a week later. It was of a completely different species of giant worm. When Gros sent a third photograph, of a third species, Justine thought the images must be a prank: “The man is bringing back worms from his travels, and he pretends he finds them in his garden!”

But Gros was neither prankster nor international worm-smuggler. Gros and Justine, co-authors of a new report published Tuesday in the journal PeerJ, had stumbled upon an alien predator in the soil beneath their feet. For the better part of two decades, several species of flatworm have made a home in metropolitan France.

So they’ve been coming for decades, but none of these eggheads noticed until some amateur took pictures of them in his garden.

Really competent, these science guys.

Hammerhead flatworms were also spotted overseas in French territories, including a brilliant blue type of worm that is probably a newly discovered species, he said.

Just as hammerhead sharks cruise through lagoons, hammerhead flatworms hunt through soil. Their soft bodies are chemical factories; they produce small amounts of a substance called tetrodotoxin to immobilize prey. What they lack in physical defenses, they make up in a cocktail of disgusting bodily juices. A colleague once tried to put a flatworm in his mouth, Justine recounted. The man still describes it as “one of the worst experiences of his life.”

Wait, what?

He put one of those things in his mouth?

Isn’t regular French food disgusting enough already?

But most flatworms do their damage to humans indirectly. Murchie has studied how invasive New Zealand flatworms devour earthworms in Ireland and Scotland, eating so many that yields of agricultural grass in affected areas shrank by about 6 percent. Smaller flatworms also have invaded Florida, where they, too, feed on earthworms.

So 6% less grass in an area is a bad thing…

But dozens of major cities in western Europe and North America becoming majority non-White in a single man’s lifetime is good, for some reason…

It is unclear how the hammerhead flatworms have altered French biodiversity. Justine and the other researchers did not study the soil ecology. But the creatures are “dangerous predators” to many helpful soil critters, and that’s what has biologists worried.

Dunno about you guys, but if I were one of these frog biologists, I’d be worried about other, far more dangerous predators (niggers, hajis, etc.) invading and killing far more useful critters (like the people who invented the scientific study of the natural world to begin with, namely us).

Those worms look pretty good by comparison, don’t they? They probably sing better too.

What set this discovery of alien flatworms apart, in Justine’s eyes, was not just the size of the predators or the duration of the hidden invasion, but where it all happened. “It is France! It is supposed to be a developed country. We have a lot of scientists, we have universities everywhere,” he said. And yet the worms escaped identification until now.

That’s what a dying civilization looks like.

Stuff you used to take for granted just doesn’t happen anymore, for a variety of reasons, all of which have their roots in dysgenics and mongrelization.

And you know what else the French won’t be able to take for granted soon?


French people eat snails, tons of them.

And these giant worms also eat snails.

If France were really run by the French, and not by the Jews, the existence of these snail-stealing worms would’ve been the most important issue there since the Italian guy with the funny hat led them to their first and last military victories.

But France isn’t gonna do anything about it’s giant worm infestation anymore than it’s gonna anything about the much, much worse nigger/arab infestation.

At least, not for now.

I’m still hoping they will.

But they’ll probably let me down, the fucking frogs…