France: Protesters Mutilated by Dictator Macron’s Goons March Through the Streets

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2019

The incredible thing about France mutilating protesters with what amount to weapons of war is not that they are doing that. The incredible thing about it is that Venezuela and Iran – the current two big bad guys – have faced recent protests, and they don’t do this.

We are told by the Trump people that the time is now to start invading Venezuela and Iran to “free the people from oppression” – but why are we not talking about invading France?

Not only does France use brutal violence against their own people, gas their own people, and mutilate their own people, the French dictator Emmanuel Macron has a much lower approval rating than the leaders of Venezuela or Iran.

If the Trump people are just really stuck on having a war with whoever, why not invade and liberate France?


Several hundred people have shown up for the ‘march of the mutilated’ in Paris, protesting police brutality and demanding a ban on the weaponry law enforcement uses to control demonstrators.

People gathered in central Paris on Sunday, the day after ‘Act 29’ of the Yellow Vest protests. The demonstrators carried banners, showing injuries – such as lost eyes and limbs – various protesters have received over the past few months and demanding a ban of the ‘less-lethal’ weapons used by police.

All in all, the event was attended by some 300-400 protesters. A group of maimed Yellow Vests were also in attendance, with each one carrying a small placard highlighting the injury they received. “I’ve lost my sense of smell,” “I’ve lost my eye at the age of 21,” “I was shot by a LBD in my carotid artery,” read some of the placards.

LBD – launcher of defensive balls – is a weapon, commonly known as a ‘flash-ball’, which is used by French law enforcement during riot control operations. While it’s advertised as a ‘less-lethal’ device, it shoots a 40-mm rubber ‘bullet’ – a large slug, capable of blowing eyes out, causing fractures and inflicting other serious injuries.

The protesters called to ban such launchers altogether, as well as another police implement – the GLI-F4 grenade – that has also caused many injuries among the Yellow Vests. The GLI-F4 is a so-called “instant tear gas grenade,” that is actually an explosive munition, packing 30 grams of TNT and capable of making a loud bang and releasing a small cloud of tear gas.

Picking up such a grenade before detonation is a sure way to lose your hand. One of the protesters, who lost his right hand in a GLI-F4 explosion back in December, Antoine Boudinet, attended the march of maimed Yellow Vests.

“A total prohibition of all these [less-lethal weapons] is what we demand, as well as drastic changes in how the public order is being maintained in France,” Boudinet told RT France.

Can anyone give me a legitimate explanation as to why the oppressed and brutalized French people, being gassed and mutilated at the hands of a brutal dictator, are unworthy of an American intervention?

If the actual “our values” of the United States are that we bomb and invade any country that doesn’t have democracy and human rights, surely France should be at the top of the list, no?