France: Video of Moslems Sexually Harassing Chinese Toddler Banned From Twitter by French Cops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

Someone posted a video of Arab men sexually harassing a Chinese toddler, who appears to be 3 or 4 years old.

The girl is cornered by the men in what looks like an alley, and one of them says “you want my dick in your pussy?”

When the girl starts crying, he says “it’s fine, I’m gonna fuck you, stop crying. On the Koran, I’m gonna fuck you. Wallah I’m gonna fuck you, stop crying.”

The men are both touching her.

This is pretty standard fare for diverse and vibrant France.

Also standard fare in that magnificently enriched kingdom: the French police demanding the video be taken down and threatening anyone who reuploads it.

After the initial video was posted, the French police tweeted: “Please do not stream this video,” and told people to contact the police if they see any illegal content on the internet.

Obviously, the only reason that police would want crimes to remain hidden is that they are trying to cover-up the crime. Even if they hunt down these men and charge them for this action (they won’t), it would still be a cover-up, because they are using police authority to prevent people from knowing that this sort of thing is happening.

But what are they supposed to do?

Certainly, they can’t prevent Arabs from behaving this way. Their only option to try to prevent intensified racial strife is to prevent people from knowing that Arabs are behaving this way. If the job of the police is to “maintain the peace,” then covering up the crimes of nonwhites is the single most important part of their job.