France: Yellow Vest Fireman in a Coma After Getting Shot in the Back of the Head by Cop

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2019

The video is from Saturday, posted on Sunday.

Now we’re finding out that the man is in a coma.

Daily Mail:

A fireman who joined France’s Yellow Vest protest movement is in a coma after being shot in the head ‘like a rabbit’ by a police officer using a controversial flash ball gun.

Horrific images show Olivier Beziade, a father-of-three in his 30s, lying on the floor in Bordeaux on Saturday after being hit from behind.

He is wearing one of the high-visibility motoring jackets from which the Yellow Vests get their name.

Videos posted on social media also show Mr Beziade being treated by medics, with his head covered in blood.

Mr Beziade suffered a ‘very serious brain injury’ and is currently in an induced coma in hospital, said family members.

It comes as the Yellow Vest law and order crisis enveloping Emmanuel Macron’s administration intensifies, and the president floods French streets with an increasing number of armed police.

Some are being accused of gratuitous violence, ranging from administering baton beatings, to an excessive use of chemical weapons, stun grenades and flash balls.

‘I’m furious,’ said Cindy Beziade, the wife of Mr Beziade. ‘This is unacceptable. I won’t let it go. The pictures speak for themselves.’

Mrs Beziade, who is also a volunteer fire fighter, had travelled with her hubsand into Bordeaux on Saturday from their home in nearby Bazas for an ‘Act 9’ Day of Rage against the government.

‘The demonstration was calm until about 4.30pm,’ Mrs Beziade told France Info. ‘I was with my husband in Rue Sainte-Catherine.

‘Then there was a bit of panic. We turned turned back to avoid teargas fumes and to go home. I turned first right, he took the first turning on the left.

It was at this point that a plainclothes officer appeared around a corner, and shot a flash ball at Mr Beziade.

Police are instructed to shoot well below the head, but there have been numerous incidents of them failing to do so.

You would think that perhaps putting a guy in a coma to defend a global warming tax would be over the line.

But there isn’t any line.

That’s the issue.

The French are complaining about the President, and in Democracy, the President is a dictator-type supreme leader who can not be questioned.

He can just shoot you in the head or whatever.

So basically at this point, their only actual option is overthrowing the government.

But that… would be racism.