Fraudulent Negress Fakes Sign Language at Police Press Conference

Daily Stormer
December 8, 2017

As with the written form, the negro has no sign language he can truly call his own. 

I was checking the news earlier, when I ran across the headline “Phony sign language interpreter used at Seminole Heights killer arrest press conference.”

This is just one of those that pops out at you, and you immediately say to yourself, “this is a nigger” before clicking on it, only to confirm that indeed, it is a nigger.

Negroes are always claiming to be something they’re not. How many times have you gone to a store or restaurant and had to deal with a negro claiming to be some type of customer service employee, only to discover that all they actually were was a surly, unhelpful dindu?

Just the other day I went to the post office, and some morbidly obese sheboon was behind the counter claiming to be a postal clerk. I inquired as to how much faster a letter would arrive if sent by express mail rather than first class mail, and she rolled her eyes and grunted “you really especk me ta know diss?”

In retrospect, it was wrong of me to have expected this, but with all the propaganda we are deluged with about them being just like us, even a professional racist sometimes catches himself slipping.

Dafuq I’m sposed ta do wit all diss hurr? 

So anyway, I click on the link, and sure enough, black.


 TAMPA, Fla. — A huge arrest was made in the Seminole Heights homicides case on Nov. 28, but many in the deaf community were left in the dark thanks to a phony interpreter.

“She was standing there twisting her hands back and forth. I could tell automatically that interpreters don’t do that,” said Betti Bonni, a certified deaf interpreter.

Derlyn Roberts showed up at Tampa Police on that night, but as Chief Dugan spoke about the capture of a serial killer suspect, those in the deaf community could tell the interpreter wasn’t making any sense.

“Most of the time it just looked like she was signing but not using actual signs,” said USF professor Rachelle Settambrino. “When she was spelling words out, she wasn’t spelling anything at all. They were just gibberish more than anything.”

Monica Hoffa’s mother, whose daughter was one of the victims, was at the presser relying on that interpreter.

“I know the deaf mother of one of the victims’ of the serial killer, she was standing there. She was standing right there and the interpreter was signing in a way that was incomprehensible,” Bonni said.

A spokesperson for TPD says he didn’t do his due diligence, and did not question Roberts when she showed up as an ASL interpreter.

Roberts has several fraud arrests on her record, including one conviction that landed her in a state prison.

Derlyn Roberts, Negress

Asked for comment, weev, an individual who has made a million dollars by calling for the genocide of niggers and kikes on the internet, said: “It’s a very specific form of fraud and only niggers have ever done it.”

It turns out that weev was right again!

It’s easy to see why only blacks would do this. As the proud title-holders of the lowest average IQ’s on planet Earth, only they would think this is a good idea. They must think it out like, “Yo, don’t nobody understand dis sheeit anyway, except dem deaf people an’ dey can’t talk, so dey can’t tell nobody, so I be getting on TV, and getting paid. What could go wrong?”

The brotha who did this at the Mandela thing took it to an even greater level of chimpery – he thought he could explain it away to the media after he got caught!

“It were just my skizofreniks, you see? My skizofreniks flared up and I saw angels and things happened. What you mean do some signs, you calling me a lie???”

Now, after considering all this, you may find it uncomfortable to realize that, due to affirmative action and political correctness, blacks hold many important, if not vital, jobs in our country. Nearly every big city police chief and more and more of the brass are blacks. Judging by a visit to nearly any government office, most all bureaucrats are blacks. We have black doctors, judges, pharmacists, air traffic controllers. Even congressmen!

If the discomfort is too much to bear, just close your eyes and repeat after me: They’re just like us. They’re just like us. They’re just like us…