“Free Speech” YouTube Alternative BitChute Censors Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador, Because Jews

Daily Stormer
September 10, 2017

For weeks now, I have been assaulted on Gab by well meaning users who wanted me to sign up for BitChute, an alleged free speech alternative to YouTube. “Try it” they said, “this is Alt Tech Azz, you must support it. And you’ll never get videos removed or be banned again.”

So, late Friday night, I uploaded three videos to BitChute. Nothing too strong, just humorous little slide show videos I made for some parody songs that I liked, but that had been banned by YouTube for various stupid reasons.

Turns out BitChute is way quicker with the censoring trigger finger than YouTube ever was.

Now, I was somewhat taken aback by this. First of all, this was supposed to be a free speech site, and the fact of the matter is, I had called for no such thing, and even if I had, it is still protected first amendment speech. It’s not like I have a bunch of railroads and trains leading to a bunch of camps that have a bunch of fake shower rooms in them for gassing Jews. Nor did I instruct anyone to start loading these Jews onto any trains nor ship them to any camps where they would be gassed.

Not that I’m saying all of that isn’t a great idea, I’m just saying it wouldn’t be a credible threat had I said that, even though I didn’t.

But that didn’t stop whoever runs the @BitChute account from both “de-listing” (their Orwellian term for removing a video) my content, and attempting to shame me on Gab about it.

And that is weird too. Have you ever heard of any other social media doing this? Does Zuckerberg take to Twitter to denounce Facebook users who insist that there are only two genders? I think not.

This sort of behavior is what one might expect from a goofy female junior college SJW, but certainly not from anyone who claims to run a free speech video sharing platform.

And it got weirder still.

Yep, they actually told me how I should frame any argument I make, or position I take, when posting videos on their site. And they showed themselves to be arbitrary and dishonest in doing so, since, as I stated, this was parody. The video “Ovens of Auschwitz” is about the Holohoax, and everyone knows I do not believe that a single Jew was ever gassed in a fake shower room.

And the only thing I can think of as far as anything remotely saying “Gas all Jews, Race War Now,” as they allege, was a meme that said “Gas the Kikes, Race War Now” that appeared for a few seconds, but not in the video they de-listed. This was in a video I had made for an Emily Youcis parody called “Memes Come True.”

This actually seems like a good idea, to be frank, but I didn’t say it. It was in a meme of a not so Happy Merchant tied to an old wheelchair, set on fire in the spirit of the famous scene from the movie Red Dragon. It was obviously a satirical joke.

This is just more of The Great Shuttening. And now it is coming from a company that was marketing itself as the company who would not do this sort of thing.

They say “Let the market decide.”

I agree. And guess who the “market” is in this case?

The market is us. It is people like myself who create content that is not politically correct enough to be on YouTube, and people who enjoy consuming edgy, funny, and sometimes, even thoughtful content.

Who did these people think they were gonna get, PewDiePie?


The big moneymakers on YouTube aren’t gonna leave that lucrative platform, with it’s endless user base, and go over to a clunky platform just because it promises free speech. they already have theirs, because they aren’t that controversial.

So, in conclusion, my advice is, if you have a BitChute channel, delete it. And as there is no delete option, the only way to get it deleted is to contact @BitChute on Gab. Based on personal experience, it helps speed things along if you insult them as much as possible.

And if you don’t have a channel,  just go to their Gab page and let them know what you think of their fraudulent, censorious behavior.

And if you’re on Gab, give me a follow at @Azzmador!

Whether I’m on BitChute or not, I’m gonna keep fighting these kikes!