Free Tommy Uprising Turns Bloody, Poor Police Officer Cries About His Boo-Boos

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2018

The hearts of every Nationalist go out to the injured policeman. We offer our helping hands as well.

I never really wanted to be at this place emotionally. But I don’t feel a morsel of pity for this police officer.

As far as we know, Antifa did this to him, not the Tommy lads.

I guess I should be outraged at what they did. But meh. Do I really have to pretend to care about what the polices’ pets did to them? With you guys? I mean, with normies, sure, I’ll play that shit up.

“Oh it was so horrible, how could anyone do that???;_;”

But on the Internet?

The UK police have stood by and done nothing for too long. And the memes have succeeded in dehumanizing them to me.


Photos have emerged of a police officer’s face covered in blood after he was injured at demonstrations in Leeds which saw anti-fascists facing off against supporters of English Defence League (EDL) founder Tommy Robinson.

West Yorkshire Police tweeted pictures of the officer who was hospitalized after being hit by a glass bottle during the fracas.

Some 250 walked out as part of a march organized by the ‘Yorkshire Patriots’ and against Robinson’s imprisonment. Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – is serving a 13-month sentence after pleading guilty to contempt of court.

The march was countered by more than twice as many people with some 750 supporters of the Leeds Anti-fascist Network marched out crying ‘Where is your Tommy gone?’. Police were deployed to prevent the two groups from clashing. 

Oh rly? Are we sure about that?

Chief Superintendent Mabs Hussain, who was the commander of the operation, said the constable’s injury “is completely unacceptable” and is under investigation.

Whatever man.

What’s happening in the UK is completely unacceptable.

Talk about selective outrage. What about the population replacement? The rape gangs? The terror?

No joke, the UK has turned into an Islamo-Terror state. Fuck you if you think I’m going to shed some tears over a cop getting injured in a riot.

Besides, no one likes the police anymore. The Blue Lives Matter thing in the US and in the UK is so 2016. Not even right-wing law-abiding conservatives like the coppers anymore.

I wouldn’t shed a single solitary tear if I found out that this police officer got infected with AIDS by getting smacked with a glass Antifa dildo across the face.

In fact, I might even have a little laugh at his expense.