French Leftists Preparing for No-Confidence Vote Against Macron

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2018

French leftists are getting ready to see if all hell comes down on Saturday, at which point they will be ready to push to oust Macron from the government.


At least three left-wing parties at the French parliament have agreed to discuss a vote of no confidence against the government amid sweeping protests, against Macron’s policies, which have gripped the country.

Among those planning to question Emmanuel Macron’s leadership is La France Insoumise party whose leader Jean-Luc Melenchon has long been a vocal critic of the current government.

The French Communist Party and the Socialist Party, which ruled the country before the 2017 presidential elections, have also confirmed to be in on the plan.

We’ve decided to work together to file a no confidence vote [to the government] next Monday. During the coming days, we will seek to increase the number of signatories. We have to show that other ways are possible,” First Secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure wrote on Twitter, using the hashtag #GiletsJaunes (Yellow Vests).

As far as it being leftists doing this – it doesn’t really matter who’s doing it, and it doesn’t really matter that much in the long run if a leftist replaces Macron. The point is that the overthrow of a key globalist shill will change the entire way that Europe works. It will change the entire rulebook.

Plus, if a leftist government comes in, it will be a complete disaster. Modern leftists can’t run governments and everything goes to hell. Then the only option remaining will be a far-right government that collaborates with Donald Trump.

We’re two days out from D-Day.

Saturday is going to be the big one. And if Macron can’t quell the protests, or if someone dies at the hands of the cops, this jig is up.

The homosexual psychopath will have nowhere to run.

We know that last weekend cops were ordered to fire tear gas canisters directly at people’s bodies, which is extremely dangerous and could potentially be deadly. The fact that they were doing this last weekend already, when this weekends protest is going to be much bigger, indicates they may be overwhelmed.

Furthermore, the police also last weekend took off their helmets in a gesture of solidarity with the protesters.

As we reported, Macron is pulling all of his police to Paris to try and shut this down on Saturday, but he is refusing to declare a state of emergency and bring in the military. If he tries to bring in the military after this weekend, it is going to look like a madman barely holding onto power in the face of a complete revolution.

You are going to start seeing other world leaders calling on him to resign at that point.