French Millionaire Buys Guillotine at Auction… Where’s Our Eccentric Philantropist?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2018

What’s the point of this?


A guillotine has fetched €8,008 (£7080) at a controversial auction in Paris.

The 150-year-old replica of a device used for executions was bought on Wednesday by a French millionaire and collector of bizarre objects.

France’s auction watchdog was opposed to the sale, despite the auction house insisting that the 3m (10ft) instrument in question had never been used.

The guillotine was last used to behead a convict in 1977. France abolished the death penalty in 1981.

The replica, which has a few dents on the blade, was once on display at a museum of torture in Paris. It was part of a bankruptcy sale of a jazz club that took over the museum’s premises.

I mean, if you want to invest in something that’s going to set off a revolution, you should invest in the Daily Stormer.

How many people died to the Guillotine? Like what two thousand?

If you want to do some fetish stuff, or like kill cats or put your dick into the hole for thrills, I guess it’s worth the money.

But if you’re interested in death and revolution and bloodbaths of the unworthy… well I can think of a far better investment than in an old guillotine. Something that can guarantee mass death on a scale that the world has hitherto never witnessed.

It’s not a super weapon – although that would be cool.

Think of it like a futures option. A long bet. Why sit around contemplating weapons of mass murder of old. The same goes for collectionists of Nazi memorabilia.

If you want to see some new rivers of blood, you need to invest in the next big thing.

The next big weapon of mass destruction.

I am referring of course, to the Daily Stormer and the elite Online Stormer Corps that we’re training as we speak.

We’re the next big thing.

The guillotine, the uh…gas chambers…well that’s nice and all.

But let’s be real, that’s pretty old school.

Especially when you consider how The Daily Stormer is going to let loose literal oceans of blood some day.

Entire nations will rise and fall every time one of our writers hits “publish” because crack teams of online shitposters will channel unlimited meme power into toppling governments and exterminating entire races of undesirables.

If you’re an edgy guy, and the edge of that guillotine isn’t quite sharp enough, it’s time to consider investing in the next weapon of mass destruction.

We need an eccentric millionaire stat.