French Patriots Teach Moslems a Lesson

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2015

We here at Daily Stormer Inc. like to bring you happy stories as well as the usual frustrating exposes on our cucked nations. That is why it is with great pleasure we can show this short video of Parisian patriots meting-out some native justice to the Moslem invader. It is only short, but that means you can watch it on replay. We recommend you watch it with the whole family. It’s an illustrative example on how to get un-cucked.

Seriously, though, we do not promote or condone violence, but we have to ask, when you push an agenda like White Genocide on a people can you expect things NOT to turn nasty? No, you are fomenting all the vital elements to ensure it does. So take this then as a sociological glimpse in Europe as it inevitably slides into civil war. Because our peoples WILL fight back.

Hurry, before JewTube takes it down.