Friend of the Devil: John Friend Loses His Job for Pure Hatred

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2015


John Friend has been fired for his beliefs.

Friend, you might remember, I used to be friends with. Though I still think he’s a very nice person – “Friendly Friend,” we used to call him – I decided to professionally distance myself from him due to his focus on conspiracy theories.

However, here he is on my site now, as he has been fired from his job for his personal beliefs, which is insane and obviously illegal (or would have been, if he wouldn’t have walked into the trap – see below).

San Diego Union Tribune:

A 29-year-old clerical employee in the Escondido City Manager’s Office was forced out of his job this week after city officials learned he operates an anti-Semitic website and is active in a movement that blames Jews for the 9/11 terror attacks.

Poway resident John Friend was hired by Escondido about three months ago as a division coordinator, which is responsible for a variety of administrative duties in the City Manager’s Office including supervising support staff and helping develop office policies and procedures, according to the city’s website.

Three months is a pretty good run.

Potok is losing his edge.

City officials said they were unaware at the time that Friend is an outspoken blogger and contributor to several white supremacist publications.

Friend told a reporter he finds “inspiration and guidance from America’s Founding Fathers” as well as “white Christian patriots” such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.


The Found Fathers owned slaves!

City Manager Clay Phillips said he was unaware of Friend’s activism until a reporter began asking questions about it on Tuesday and a second person called in the same tip.

Friend — an “at will” employee for the city — said he was called into his supervisor’s office on Wednesday and given the option of stepping down or being fired. He chose to resign.

That was actually entrapment, John. And a bluff. You should have called a lawyer. Or me.

If you would have demanded to be fired, at worst you’d have a job still and at best you’d have a sweet lawsuit. Now you just have no lawsuit, no job and media publicity which will keep you from getting another one.


Didn’t you get suspicious when they gave you a choice between two things which ostensibly had the exact same outcome?

Let this be a lesson to everyone: whenever you don’t know what’s going on, call a lawyer. Or at least say “I’m going to need to talk to a lawyer.”

Phillips said he could not comment in detail about the situation because it’s a personnel issue.

However, he said, “John worked in this office and I did find out about some of his writings on the Internet and it certainly raises concerns for the city and for me personally as his boss.

Sources said Friend kept his political beliefs quiet while working and was generally well liked in the office.

Friend said while he is highly critical of the federal government, he was impressed with the leaders and employees of Escondido and that he enjoyed his time there.

“To my knowledge, no one in the office had complained about me, and I was unaware of any complaints emanating from the outside public relating to my work performance,” he said.

John, meet the “outside public”:

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John Friend’s website is The Realist Report. It’s about 80% great stuff, 20% total tinfoil. I read it myself.