Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2018

Oh my dear, sweet Iranian friends.

I have just one thing to say to you, in this time of greatest glory:

Also, I actually have other things to say.

But that is the most important.

Washington Post:

Confrontation between Israel and Iranian forces in Syria sharply escalated in the early hours of Thursday as Israel said Iran launched a barrage of 20 missiles toward its positions on the Golan Heights.

Heavy military jet activity, explosions and air-defense fire could be heard throughout the night in the area. An Israeli military spokesman said the rockets were fired by Iran’s Quds force, a special forces unit affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, marking the first time that Iranian forces have ever fired directly on the Israeli troops.

I said yesterday – I said it – “I’m not saying some shit is gonna blow up, but tension has never been this high.”

This comes as Bibi was flying back from Moscow, or just after he’d arrived back.

And I guarantee you, Iran didn’t do this without permission from the big guy.

And to that we say

Assuming this actually happened – as of time of writing, the Jews just reported it a couple hours ago – we have entered what I like to call THE DANGER ZONE.

The Israeli military said several of the rockets had been intercepted by Israel’s missile defense system. Sparks could be seen as they broke up in the sky.

No one was injured on the Israeli side, the military said.

The Syrian state news agency, however, reported that it was Israel that had fired on targets near the town of Quneitra, located just east of the Golan Heights. Syrian air defenses had responded, it said. It later reported a “new wave” of attacks.

Yeah, I mean, Israel had been bombing for days.

So OBVIOUSLY it was a response.

But it’s never happened that they responded by successfully firing through the Iron Yarmulke.

The Israeli miliary said it “views this event with great severity and remains prepared for a wide variety of scenarios.”

Air-raid sirens sounded in the Golan Heights shortly after midnight. In nearby Tiberias, on the edge of the Sea of Galilee, explosions could be heard above the music of bars entertaining busloads of tourists. The explosions were followed by sporadic fire into the early-morning hours.

With Syria’s civil war raging just across the border, Israeli residents of the Golan Heights have become used to the air-raid sirens and errant fire. But recent days have been different, and war jitters have spread across Israel. 

Stay jittery, kikes.

You started this.

The rest of the world is about to finish it.

On Wednesday, it had seemed like business as usual on the Golan, a plateau that rises dramatically behind the Sea of Galilee, captured from Syria by Israel in the 1967 war. Children went to school and wineries welcomed groups of tourists.

But Israel trucked in tanks and additional air defense batteries, and the military chief of staff touched down in a helicopter to tour the area to assess the army’s readiness.

President Trump’s decision on Tuesday to pull the United States out of the nuclear deal with Iran has given Tehran less reason to exercise caution in confronting Israel, analysts said.

“U.S. withdrawal has accelerated the escalation between Israel and Iran,” said Ofer Zalzberg, and analyst at International Crisis Group. “Iran faces less restraint in terms of the timing for a retaliation,” he said, adding that Iran probably had been waiting for the U.S. decision before formulating its next move.

Well that was obviously 4D che – lol jk.

I’m not going there.

But I’ll tell you this – if there’s a war, I am on Team Russia, without any single reservation.

Trump had the opportunity to be the good guy and fix the world, and if he’s foregoing that opportunity in favor of war for kikes, then fuck it.

His legacy will be starting WWIII for the kikes.

Amid warnings of a potential attack, some 62 percent of Israelis think a war is imminent, according to a poll commissioned Wednesday by Israel’s Hadashot news channel.

“Iran will retaliate through proxies, sooner or later, against Israeli military sites in the north,” Gary Samore, a former White House coordinator for arms control and weapons of mass destruction, said at a security conference in Herzliya, Israel.

But he said that no side is interested in a full-scale conflict, and there is debate in Iran over how to proceed. He said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani wants to avoid confrontation because he is trying to preserve the nuclear deal with world powers. But Iranian military commanders want to retaliate for the death of Iranian soldiers.

Get Rouhani out.

Get Ahmadinejad back in.

He’s the one who got us to this point, and for some reason he never gets the credit.

He’s not gonna be talking about “oh muh peace deal” – he’s gonna be talking about slaughtering the filthy fucking kikes like the infestation of insects that they are.

This halfway shit has to end.

There is no peaceful solution in the Middle East or in the world as long as we have Jews anywhere other than in the fucking ground.

That isn’t my choice. That isn’t Putin’s choice.

That was the choice of the Jews themselves, exclusively. And one that they made a long time ago, when they wrote a book about how they were going to take over the world and subdue all peoples.

Some of us out here – we won’t be subdued.

Some of us out here are crazy enough that we actually want a world war, because we view it as the only way to rid the world of Jews once and for all.

Some of us, you see, don’t give a fuck.

Hail Victory.