Fuggggg. I Disavow.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2018

Erik Wemple is so full of shit you would think he was Jewish.

Tucker is not my favorite talk show host, my favorite talk show host is Alex Jones because he’s the only person who will to debate the crisis actor David Hogg. My second favorite talk show host is Bill O’Reilly, because of his positions on sexual assault of women and because also I respect his service in the IRA planning all those bombings.

I don’t even like Tucker Carlson very much at all, because he doesn’t even calling for exterminate Jews or Aryan master race affiliations. I don’t think he can into the Ku Klux Klan even, of which I am a member.

Alex Jones attends 2005 Klan rally for me and gives $500 donation saying for us to “hunt down more niggers.”

I disavow Tucker Carlson because he refuses to join or donate my KKK friends, also cannot have the vital energies to grab em by the pussy like my friend Bill O’Reilly, who I speak to on the phone twice per day.

Wemple is too stupid to be Jewish, and requires a source to cite a source to use Google.

Fake news.