Full Metal Jacket Actor Dead, People Sad

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2018

More like half leather jacket

Lots of people sad about this.

Because he’s a character this guy.

He was.

I guess this movie was his main life accomplishment, if that’s what’s in his obituary.

Good movie.

Director Stanley Kubrick was a Jew, but you know he said “Hitler was right.” So he’s gotta be the most BASED Jew yet.

Plus, Kubric’s last movie, Eyes Wide Shut, exposed the whole kikecult system of pedo-voodoo.

He died mysteriously before it was released and they did a recut of the movie and said his initial cut would never be released.

Was this guy even in other movies?

I think I remember he was in like, some Futurama episodes. Or something sort of like that.

Anyway, seems like a good guy who prolly dgaf. Doubt he ever sucked a ding-dong. Prolly why he never got to be a major actor.

But maybe I’m getting soft.

Last few celebrity deaths I didn’t celebrate.

Gonna celebrate the shit out of Barbara Bush’s death tho.

Can’t stand that bitch.

And basically I do believe the “daughter of Aleister Crowley” theory.

How can it not be true?

For those who don’t know, it is actually totally theoretically possible.

Anyway, my favorite scene in FMJ was actually this one.

I wish white women would act more like that and less like this:

These fat bitches won’t love you at all, let alone for a long time – and that is the best part about them.