Full-Speed Islamic Takeover! Swedish Social Democrat Youth Taken Over by Islamic Party!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2018

Big news: the largest and oldest party in Sweden has lost its youth wing to an aggressive Moslem takeover.

Bear with the google translate.

Fria Tider:

The evening post revealed that fundamentalist Muslims have taken over the Social Democrats youth federations in Skåne, [and this may] affect government grants to the union.

Among other things, the fundamentalists have called homosexual dirty and replaced the International [song] with an Arabic song.


No one could have seen this coming, eh?

“As a result of new data on a member district within the SSU, MUCF has decided to initiate a special review. MUCF is looking seriously at the data and will investigate if this affects SSU’s application for state grants,” writes MUCF.

The youth federation receives approximately 2 million kronor in contributions per year. 

And now they’re going to get subsidized by the State in their takeover of the State.

Leftist and liberal organizations in the West have collaborated with the Moslems because they wanted their votes. But the Moslems never intended to play second fiddle to the infidels.

Once they get strong enough, they start moving out of their junior role and start implementing their agenda. They’re crashing the system and replacing neoliberalism.txt with caliphate.exe.

Pardon me while I laugh my sides off.

I have to say that the phenomenon of Sweden has not been conclusively studied and chronicled and learned from.

And I say this as the preeminent thought-scholar-leader-prophet on Sweden in the Neon-Right. 

No one has given the matter as much thought as I have. Most people just cheat and point out that the Bonnier Jews run the media in Sweden.

Which, that’s fine and all, but name me one country where the Jews don’t run the media. China maybe.

No, to find my answer, I had to look towards religion and Christianity.

The 7 Deadly Sins gave me the answer that I sought.

‘Twas pride that killed the Swede. 

See, the Jews understand us better than we understand ourselves. And like Satan, they play on our weaknesses, exploiting our foibles and using them to foment our destruction.

With Swedes, they played to their vanity.

This “Humanitarian Superpower” nonsense played right into the ginormous Swedish ego and got them to willingly sign up to this project to prove to the whole world how morally righteous they were, how absolutely perfect their system was and how bad the other lesser peoples treated their brown people.

And I don’t want to pick on Sweden too much, here.

Every nation has a weakness that the Jews can exploit. They’re all quite easy to point out.

America: Greed.

Hey, send all your jobs overseas and strip-mine your economy! Don’t worry about it, making money is good. A noble pursuit in and of itself. A rising tide lifts all the boats! Get while the getting is good. Loot your own posterity for cash right now. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out in the end!

Russia: Sloth

Just trust the socialist system! The State will provide, you just sit back and relax! Don’t stress too much about self-improvement, that’s someone else’s job.

Take it easy, the current situation isn’t really that bad after all, when you really think about it, right? No sense getting all worked up and becoming a busybody.

France: Lust

They’re waaaay too liberal with the whole sex thing. They need to tone that shit down. It makes normal people feel uncomfortable. They try to use “art” as a mask for filth and smut. Even America, where you’ve got Hollywood pumping its slut propaganda nonstop, doesn’t have that kind of liberal attitude towards sex that France does because America has a touch of that Puritan prudishness still remaining.

Don’t want to include any pictures here.

Japan: NONE

SILLY GAIJIN, Japan is perfect in every single way.


Idk what to even advise Swedes at this point. Y’all seem pretty fucked.

I suppose you can just move to Poland and Hungary en masse. That seems to be a popular strategy with the moneyed Boomer Swedes.

If you’re a young Swede with no money though… oy vey, you’re kind of screwed, aren’t you?

Seriously, you may want to consider pillowing your Boomer parents before they can run away with their money, and claim it for yourself.

And vote for Sweden Democrats, I suppose.