Futurologist Predicts People Will Buy Celebrity DNA for Babies by 2050

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2019

As if old women paying to grow other women’s babies in their wombs weren’t enough, young women might also be able to choose to grow babies not really related to them in the future.

Daily Star:

Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson believes parents will one day be able to choose from a “massive library of potential offspring”.

The ex-cybernetics engineer contends we will be able to insert chosen DNA into an egg to modify attributes including athleticism and good looks.

But astonishingly, he theorises that celebrity DNA may be bought for parents to tailor the looks of their own offspring.

This would mean parents could attempt to give their son the hunky facial features of actor Ryan Gosling, or the spellbinding beauty of pop singer Beyonce.

Dr Pearson told Daily Star Online: “By 2050 this should be possible, the main barrier being regulation.

“It’s unlikely that governments will allow trading in celeb DNA or even customised DNA for your own kids, but given how society’s values change, who knows?”

In a blog post titled The Future of Reproductive Choice on his site Futurizon, he added: “We would almost certainly be able to simply assemble any chosen DNA and insert it into an egg from which the DNA has been removed.

“That would seem a more reliable mechanism to get the ‘perfect’ baby than choosing from a long list of imperfect ones. Active assembly should beat deselection from a random list.

“Even today, couples can store eggs and sperm for later use, but with this future genetic assembly, it will become feasible to create offspring from nothing more than a DNA listing.

“DNA from both members of a couple, of any sex, could get a record of their DNA, randomise combinations with their partner’s DNA and thus get a massive library of potential offspring.

They may even be able to buy listings of celebrity DNA from the net.”

In the future, everyone may look like Beyonce or Ryan Gosling, and even though it sounds nightmarish at first, it’s actually great.

The mechanism that would allow parents to make their kids into little copies of Ryan Gosling is almost the same mechanism we could use for a proper eugenics program. Key words being “proper program.” We can’t let people decide on their own if they’re going to give birth to Ryan Gosling because considering the current state of the world and the “my body, my choice” mantra, women would be making those choices and you already know what those choices will be.

Instead, giving birth to Ryan Gosling should be a decision made by the Genetic Inquisition (we’ll have different Inquisition branches in the upcoming Imperium of Man) based on Ryan Gosling’s merits and the genetic makeup of the couples willing to give birth to Ryan Gosling.

In other words, we’d be making more of the good people and less of the bad people.

Ideally, we’d start by forcing women to give birth to Hitler, but we’re not likely to find any Hitler DNA so we’d have to choose our first mass-produced Aryan model based on modern-day merits from a pool of currently-existing Aryan warriors.

One of the nice things about this is that we’re not limited to the whole model. We’ll be able to take physical characteristics and personality traits and mix and match them to create Übermensch.

Some people may be asking “do we really need to do this?” and the answer is: absolutely.

See, it’s not a matter of performing genetic engineering or not. Genetic engineering is constantly happening whether we’re the ones behind it or not.

The Jews have been genetically engineering us for thousands of years through their social engineering and manipulation programs.

Think of how many brave and masculine white men were sent to die in stupid Jewish wars.

Think of how many smart white men were pushed out of the gene pool by getting tricked into celibacy.

So much wasted potential.

Eugenics is our way of reversing this Jewish trend of each generation of goyim becoming more docile. It’s our way of taking charge of our genes.

We’re going to bring back the super humans.

We’re going to bring back the Demigods.

We’re going to bring back Hercules.

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