G-20: Trump Walks Off Stage, Leaves Stupid Asshole Looking Like a Complete Prick

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

This is literally the single most interesting thing that has happened so far at the G-20 in Argentina.

Trump just walked right the hell of the stage, leaving this dumb asshole to stand there alone, looking like a complete prick.

Trump presumably had things to do, but who knows what those things were.

Maybe he wanted to have a snack, or to check something on his phone.

Maybe he wanted to take a nap because he was so bored by all these other dickheads and their dumb bullshit.

Other notable things that happened at the G-20:

  1. Macron gave Prince Salman (known in the West commonly as “MBS”) a suck job in the bathroom and the weird Jew media barged in and filmed it.
  2. Theresa May laughed inappropriately and people thought it was creepy.
  3. Trump walked off the stage, leaving some guy to look like an asshole.

These globalist meetings are so stupid.

What do they talk about?

Who cares?

America should be ruling the world with an iron fist. We have the strongest army, we should simply be slaughtering whoever questions us.

And we could: if only President Trump would have everyone who works for our own government executed.

Something needs to start happening soon because I’m getting pretty fucking bored.