Gab is Back Online, Alex Jones Celebrates by Dressing Up as Gay Frog

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2018 is officially back online.

Alex Jones recorded a video to celebrate, where he dressed up like Gab’s mascot, a gay frog.

I still don’t think Gab is a usable site, given the way that it caters to the lowest common denominator by allowing people to camp in your mentions and post homosexual pornography and other material. I stopped using it a long time ago because I couldn’t possibly send people to a site where they were likely to see hardcore gay porno in the responses to my own posts. Owner Andrew Torba claimed that this was free speech, and refused to allow people to block other users from commenting on their posts.

So I’m not in any way recommending the use of this site now.

However, I am very happy that it is back online. And I hope it stays online. It’s going to be a rough ride for them going forward, as they are in the sights of the Eye of Sauron, with the entire Jewish media trying to shut them down.

But the backlash against this may have led them to take a step back. Certainly the WaPo editorial board has taken a step back. These Jews are trying to walk a line of silencing as much speech as possible with the people rising up and demanding regulation.

I am ready to start demanding regulation. After the midterms, I am going to launch a calling campaign to the White House and to people’s local Congressmen demanding we get an Internet Bill of Rights that forces application of the First Amendment to the internet. Hopefully, we can get Alex Jones and others on-board with this.