Gamergate Subreddit r/KotakuInAction Under Attack!

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2018

It’s safe to say by this point that gamergate lost.

Many years ago, gamers united to wage war on the Jews, women and commies ruining video games for everyone else. This was known as the gamergate movement. It was a breakthrough period, which eventually led to the rise of the Alt-Right.

Unfortunately, the battle was lost, and the world of AAA games and gaming journalism was overrun with SJWs and their Semitic masters.

But there are still bastions holding out, against all hope, that vidya might be saved the same horrid fate as Hollywood and television entertainment.

r/KotakuInAction is one of them – but it’s under attack.

The Verge:

The creator of r/KotakuInAction, a GamerGate subreddit, is speaking up about creating what he calls “one of the many cancerous growths that have infiltrated Reddit.” User David-me briefly locked the subreddit, explaining in a lengthy post that the forum has become filled with racism and sexism. “I did this,” he wrote. “Now I am undoing it. This abomination should have always been aborted.” KotakuInAction has since returned, however, thanks to a Reddit administrator.

The admin of the subreddit himself is guilty of sabotage.

Treason from within is the most painful thing there is. Though you should expect it from anyone on Reddit – a den of vipers.

How the hell did this faggot manage to maintain r/KotakuInAction all these years if he’s such a crybaby soyboy? Why did he create the board in the first place if he’s some kind of male feminist?

Moderators on Reddit are unpaid volunteers who are typically given control over their own communities. In the past, this has given some members the power to revolt and even hold parts of the site hostage. Reddit’s current policies state that it may “intervene to take control of a community when it believes it in the best interest of the community or the website.” It calls this a rare occurrence but one that happens when “top moderator abandons a thriving community … When it does [happen], our goal is to keep the platform alive and vibrant, as well as to ensure your community can reach people interested in that community,” guidelines read. KotakuInAction is home to more than 96,000 members who constantly rail against “political correctness” and “SJW” ideologies, especially related to the games industry.

It’s basically a Sargon-tier board waging a hopeless battle to keep aggressive SJW politics out of gaming. But in the current year, that’s way over the line.

In the years since gamergate was at its peak, the Jewish corruption of the gaming world has been almost complete. Just look at this recent thread on Resetera, a games industry forum:

People are getting banned for “attempting to discredit feminism” and “accusing journalists of false reporting.” This is related to the recent firing of Jessica Price, a writer on the Guild Wars 2 game, for going nuts on Twitter over mansplaining or whatever.

According to The Verge’s sister site, Polygon, “Reddit is currently focused on ensuring the subreddit is able to properly function and run with a moderation team intact … and the community team is investigating the situation further to determine next steps.” Reddit has not yet responded to The Verge’s request for comment.

Yeah, they want the subreddit to keep running “with the current team intact.” This includes the faggot who tried to destroy the whole thing.

Reddit, once a bastion of free speech, banned everything even moderately edgy in like 2015 (RIP Coontown).

Presumably, management is more comfortable with even these hokey anti-SJW boards if they’re operated by SJWs, who’ll censor everything and impose ridiculous rules.

Reddit’s decision to restore KiA comes just days after CEO Steve Huffman told one user that hate speech is “difficult to define.” Enforcing a total ban is “a nearly impossible precedent to uphold,” he said, and “impossible to enforce consistently.” In the past, Reddit has taken steps to shut down forums that “violate the spirit of the policy by making Reddit worse for everyone else.” KiA has managed to remain untouched during these purges, despite being a cesspool for misogyny, racism, and more masquerading as free speech.

Muhsoginy, muh racism. Whatever.

But it’s interesting that even the kikes who run Reddit are starting to back away from the idea of directly policing hate speech.

They know that at some point it simply becomes financially nonviable to try and prevent people from speaking their mind on such a huge platform as Reddit. So instead they’re just going like “oh, it’s impossible to enforce universal standards” and then empowering moderators to censor to their heart’s content.

This way, the user’s ire is aimed at these mods instead of at Reddit itself.

We’ll see if r/KotakuInAction survives this wave of Jewish tricks.