Gary’s Chicaros: Oklahoma Restaurant Doesn’t Want Freaks and Faggots, Gets Attacked by Freaky Faggots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2014

Gary James: Standing up against the faggots and non-White parasites.
Gary James: Standing up against the faggots and non-White parasites.

A restaurant in Enid, Oklahoma is under attack for taking a traditional stance on homosexuals, weirdos and non-Whites.

The trouble started when a handicapped weirdo took to the internet to claim that the restaurant’s owner was discriminating against him because he was handicapped, rather than because he was a freak and possibly a faggot.

Oklahoma City’s KFOR report on this sparked off the drama:

Gary James, owner of Gary’s Chicaros, said, “I’ve been in business 44 years, I think I can spot a freak or a faggot.”

He added, “I don’t deal with these people walking down the street with no jobs on welfare.”

James said, “If I reached over there and slapped the sh** out of you, you should be offended. But to call someone a ‘chink’ or someone call me a bigot, that doesn’t bother me.”

Now, a wave of comments on Facebook claim James refuses to serve African-Americans, Hispanics and people with disabilities, like Matt Gard.

Gard said, “He doesn’t like certain people of race, color, ethnicity.”

Gard was a regular at Gary’s Chicaros restaurant for years.

He said he turned a blind eye to the owner’s choice of customers, until recently.

Gard said, “Now, he tried to find a weak excuse not to let me in with my wheelchair or the weak excuse of having loud people with me.”

After getting turned away for a steak dinner, Gard said it’s about his disability.

James claimed that’s just not the case.

James said “He created an issue. You only have one time here. You create an issue, you’re out forever.”

Gard and at least 140 others posted on a Facebook page that said James’ attitude has crossed the line to discrimination.

Even the business’ t-shirt is viewed as offensive.

The shirt features derogatory slogans against homosexuals, it has the N-word on the front and threatens violence against Muslims, minorities and democrats.

James said he is proud to wear that shirt.

He said, “I really don’t want gays around. Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything.”

Gard said, “The people who still go back and patronize his business are condoning his behavior in how he treats others.”

James said, “Well if you work, you own a business, pay your taxes, you’re more than welcome here. If you’re on welfare, stay at home and spend my money, there.”

Obviously, anyone against living on welfare is by default a racist. Because that is what the vast majority of black people do.

Gary's t-shirt: Note the life rune.
Gary’s t-shirt: Note the life rune.

After this story in KFOR, the faggot-loving Raw Story picked it up, and faggots launched an online campaign against Gary, proving that a faggot, like a childlike, emotional black, cannot accept the fact that anyone, anywhere, does not want to be around him.

The queers have thus launched an online campaign to slander and defame Gary, attacking review sites and claiming that Gary’s is a gay bar.

Queer e-terrorism.
Queer e-terrorism.

Gary is running for City Council in Enid. Let’s hope he wins. With the publicity he’s getting here, an election victory would get even more publicity.

What We’ve Learned Here

Besides the fact that queers cannot tolerate people questioning their sick anal behaviors, and thus must force themselves on even an obscure restaurant in an obscure Oklahoma town, what we should take away from this story is that the core of America thinks a lot more like we do than we might think.

The Jewish media does so much squawking, that we end up believing that their extremist views on homosexuality and race represent the mainstream. In reality, the vast majority of White Americans hate all of this crap as much as we do, but simply have no way to voice their opinions.

The Republicans and the alleged “conservative” media would have been considered borderline communist just 40 years ago, and yet the people that they are supposed to represent haven’t changed.

The Republicans put out commercials advertising their plan to legalize all the immigrants in America, but maybe stop more from coming in, or at least slow it down. Most White Christian Americans find this idea insane, and would like to see all of these sickening parasites rounded up by the military and sent home. Fox News says “I think people have a right to be gay, and express themselves publicly, I just don’t think they should be able to get married,” while most conservative Americans would like to see our traditional sodomy laws reinstated, with open gays either executed or sent to asylums.

Last week, when a liberal media outlet said that the “right-wing” would hate the Cheerios commercial featuring a White woman committing bestiality with a black male, the Republicans came out and said they were shocked, because they too want to see the White race destroyed, and support commercials encouraging this.

What the Jew media and the Jewpublican party are trying to do is override and ultimately silence the voice of the American people by claiming to speak for them. We need not fear saying things how they are, because if we do, the American people will rally behind us.

Here at the Daily Stormer, we have taken the position that it is merely pretentious to try and present a soft message, as basically all of the other pro-White sites tend to do, and, taking this position, we have managed to climb to the top of the rankings and push the narrative forward. Our hope is that others will follow this example, and begin speaking the truth just as it is, without the filters.