Gay Couple Sues Government for Denying US Citizenship to “Their” Daughter Born Via Surrogate in UK

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2019

This is the couple:

The baby was conceived using the sperm of the diverse-skinned faggot because of course the browner one is the one who gets to pass on his genes.

This is “their” daughter:

As you can infer from her facial expression, she’s very happy to have not one, but two dads.

Stories like this one really make the case for Duck Test Citizenship.

Daily Mail:

A married gay couple has filed a lawsuit against the US State Department for refusing to recognize their baby daughter as an American citizen because she was born to a surrogate mother in the UK.

The case was filed Tuesday on behalf of James Derek Mize and Jonathan Gregg of Atlanta who married in 2015.

The New York Times reports both men are Americans. Gregg was born in England, but his mother is a U.S. citizen.

A British woman who is Gregg’s friend agreed to serve as the couple’s surrogate for their daughter, Simone, who was conceived using a donor egg and Gregg’s sperm.

Both men were present when Simone was born in 2018. Their names are the only ones on her birth certificate.

But Simone’s passport application was denied once she returned to the U.S. with her dads.

Although Gregg is a recognized U.S. citizen, he lived in England until moving to the U.S. after marrying his husband in 2015. The State Department ruled he did not meet its requirement of having lived on U.S. soil for at least five years in order to transmit citizenship rights to his child, whose surrogate mother is British.

Gregg’s lawyers say the five-year residency requirement would not have applied if he and his husband had truly been recognized as a married couple.

The family’s discrimination case centers on a Trump administration policy that scrutinizes foreign-born children’s biological parentage for the purposes of passing on American citizenship.

Aaron Morris, the executive director of Immigration Equality, an LGBTQ immigrant rights advocacy group, said federal law only requires spouses in a traditional marriage to have lived on U.S. soil for a day.

‘Marriage is so fundamental to how you define a family,’ Morris told the NY Times. ‘To disenfranchise a little girl of citizenship because she has two dads is invidious discrimination that has been struck down time and time again.’

The State Department under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has argued that its policy applies equally to opposite-sex and same-sex couples, however gay couples say they are much more likely to be scrutinized about their conception methods when applying for citizenship.

She wasn’t denied citizenship “because she has two dads.”

That Gregg faggot didn’t meet the five-year requirement. Even if that requirement were exclusive to same-sex couples, he didn’t meet it.

There’s good reason for gay couples to be much more likely to be scrutinized in these cases. They can’t really make babies, for starters, so it’s to be expected that they’d be scrutinized about the actual origin of the babies they call theirs.

It’s common sense.

But we live in a post-common sense era where homosexual couples expect people to believe they are parents, where citizenship has been turned into a demographic warfare tool and where the exploitation of little kids by these sick individuals is celebrated as bravery.

Language has been Jewed. Institutions have been Jewed. Relationships have been Jewed.

Our history has been Jewed.

Yet people sometimes wonder “why are you so anti-Semitic?”