Gay Racist Trump Supporting Latinos Berate Innocent Black Lyft Driver Who is Racist Against Gay People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2018


I don’t know…

This is just…

I don’t know what this is.

But I think it is what they mean when they say “diversity is our greatest strength.”

It only would have been more perfect if they had all gotten stabbed by an Islamic jihadist during the wait for the cops.


A Trump supporter who berated his Lyft driver with the N word has been fired from his job after a video of the harassment went viral.

Lyft driver Shawn Pepas Lettman of Brooklyn, N.Y., calmly filmed the 16-minute tirade by passenger Robert Ortiz and his two friends, who called the New York City police after Lettman refused to turn on the radio. “I feel racially profiled … because I’m not black,” Ortiz tells the 911 operator. He later adds, “If this guy does anything to threaten my life, I have to defend myself. … I’m a little fearful.”

The passenger then gets on the phone with Lyft. “Maybe because I’m not black … I was charged $8.01 for just asking for music,” says Ortiz, while threatening to file a lawsuit against the ridesharing company.

I came out of a gay club and your driver is racist against gay people,” Ortiz rants, adding, “I know my legal rights as an American citizen that voted for Trump…” Ortiz also calls the Lyft operator, “a piece of s***.”

In another video call to a friend, Ortiz uses the N word multiple times to describe Lettman.

Ortiz also accuses Lettman of illegally filming him and says, “So, I’m going to make sure, while you’re recording this, that you never have a job as a Lyft driver again.” When Lettman finally speaks, he points to a sign in his car that states passengers will be recorded, to which Ortiz threatens to “make your night a living hell.”

Ortiz adds, “All that Black Lives Matter is bulls***.” He calls the police again while refusing to leave the car. “I bet you if I was black — and Black Lives Matter,” he spits, “he would have put the music on. F*** Black Lives Matter — every life matters … all I asked for was music.

I don’t really even know what to say about all this here. It hardly even seems real.

It really is a problematic situation in New York City. And to a lesser extent in every other metropolitan area in America.

I don’t know why they keep saying that diversity makes us stronger. The same people who put “Trump” in all the headlines about this gay latinx.

I think they say that because they’re Jewish.