“Gender Confirmation” Surgery: Sickening Kikes Cut Teenage Boy’s Dick Off on TV

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2018

This crazy mystery meat kid has finally gotten his dick snipped.

To review: The euphemistically named TLC (The Learning Channel) decided to make a show about two Jews torturing their (adopted?) brown child that they named Jazz.

The boy has wanted to become a girl for 5 seasons now.

It seems to have finally happened.


Jazz Jennings is ready to share her gender confirmation journey with the world.

Next year, the transgender teen’s reality series, I Am Jazz, will be returning to TLC for a fifth season, and when it does, audiences will see Jennings undergo the life-changing operation.

“It’s happening!” Jennings, 17, says in a YouTube video. “Season 5 is going to be super exciting.”

“As many of you know, I did get my gender confirmation surgery — woo woo! — and I am doing super well. I can’t wait for all of you to see that journey as I go through it,” she shares. “It’s definitely going to be a journey.

This is all Paulo Coelho talk, right here.

I recognize it.

He wrote that cat-lady catnip book, the Alchemist. 

And some other stuff. Idk. I tried to read it. It came off as pretty new agey. New agey in the sense of naming your kid “Jazz.”

Whether you like what he had to say or not, that’s not the point. Not what I’m trying to tell.

I just noticed that people are using this whole “positive thinking!” and taking it to euphemistic, Orwellian extremes. Like, take Paulo’s rules 5 through 10.

You could see how that all could apply to Jazz’s “journey.” Like, how his Jew parents could use that kind of language to justify what they’re doing. Even the whole use of “the Journey” metaphor.

He uses that a lot in The Pilgrimage where he talks about “the journey of life.”

Complete drek.

Overused mid-wit tier drek. 

And now this kind of new-age language is being used by the Boomer cat-lady Jews to explain what they’re doing. That’s what makes the euphemisms so scary. They’re not actually Orwellian. They’re New Age. 

Which brings me to my main point.

I could write a better book than this Coelho guy. 

But Chuck Palahniuk – who has not donated to this site, despite reading it every day – still hasn’t offered to mentor me.

I’m going to write a heartfelt appeal to him soon. Asking him to take me on as a writing apprentice.

Think about it.

He’s a fag, so the only way that he can sort of live on isn’t through kids, but through passing on his knowledge. He needs a worthy heir. I think I’ve got the edge, the WPM and the necessary disdain for New Age doublespeak that he ridicules in his books as well to make this work.

Chuck, bud, need you to start pulling your weight here, big guy.


Congrats to Jazz on his “Gender Confirmation Surgery.” Not his “Gender Reassignment Surgery.” And certainly not on “chopping off his dick.”

Honestly, I almost feel bad for him.

That el monstro had no chance.