Gender Orgasm Gap: Average British Woman Misses Out on 1,734 Orgasms Over Her Lifetime

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2019

This is very relevant because substitute mommies women must be pleased, and if men ate a vegan diet, they’d be able to do so while also saving the planet.

Study Finds:

According to the research, performed as part of Ann Summers’ recent Pleasure Positivity Project, four in five women (81%) are not comfortable telling their significant other that they aren’t having enough orgasms. Similarly, only two in five women (42%) say they are fully satisfied after having sex with their partner. For what it’s worth, 52% of men say they are usually satisfied after sex with their partner.

Additionally, 20% of the study’s female participants very rarely, or never, achieve orgasm during sex. Researchers even did the math, and concluded that the average British woman misses out on 1,734 orgasms over the course of her life.

The first and most blatant mistake that the researchers made is equating the female orgasm to the male orgasm when coming out with that number.

Women’s orgasms are so useless and irrelevant that they’re not even popular dishes among the incubi and the succubi — both of whom would rather feed on men.

The male orgasm results in semen expulsion, which is intended to result in pregnancy.

The alleged female orgasm results in what?


This mirrors women’s absolute lack of authentic agency and relevance in general, as growing babies in their bellies is the only thing they’re good at and it can happen whether they orgasm or not, whether they like it or not, whether they agree to it or not, whether they do anything or not. It can even happen whether they’re conscious or not.

Some would say that women’s orgasms are supposed to help with pair-bonding and stuff like ovulation and getting pregnant, but that’s irrelevant outside of virgin marriage and especially in the modern context of female empowerment, where the average woman is on sterility pills and has already lost most of her pair-bonding ability through meaningless sex with countless “sexual partners” by the time she enters her twenties.

The second mistake that the researchers made was asking women instead of objectively measuring stuff.

Would women even know if they’re satisfied? Can women even feel satisfaction?

What is the benefit of satisfying women?

Do women even know what can satisfy them?

Do we even care anymore?

So, how often are couples getting together for some alone time? In all, 49% say they have sex at least once a week, and 19% report having sex two to three times per week. However, according to the study’s responses, 10% of British couples never have sex.

Participants were also asked about their sexual fantasies, with trying a new position (24%) and using sex toys (20%) being the most common. Among women, one in five say a sex toy is their ultimate fantasy, which is especially curious because 37% of all participants say they’ve never used one.

The popular fixation on sex is strengthened by having sterile sex, which removes the expected result from the intimate process, and leaves the subconscious mind looking for more and more, hoping to finally get the proper results.

One in five women said that their ultimate fantasy is a sex toy. They are sexually attracted to objects and aroused by the idea of having “intercourse” with one.

Never ask the mentally disabled for their opinion, especially not to mutant retards that drool from both of their mouths.