Georgia: Man Sentenced to Execution for Murder Demands a Firing Squad!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2020

This is how real men go out.

It’s very degenerate that we’ve settled on lethal injection as the standard method of execution.

Most countries are faggots and banned the death penalty a long time ago. But Singapore still does it and they use hanging. Saudi Arabia does beheading. Indonesia, China and various Arab countries use firing squads.

I think firing squad is by far the most normal and reasonable.

Although there would be arguments that in Western military tradition, you have to be a military man to receive a firing squad, and everyone else has to be hanged.

All the so-called “Nazi war criminals” executed after the Nuremberg Monkey Trials requested firing squads, arguing that they deserved them because they were military men.

The heroic allies denied their request, and had them all hanged.


A convicted murderer in Georgia has asked that he be executed by firing squad, arguing an execution by lethal injection would cause him “excruciating pain” because of the condition of his veins.

Michael Wade Nance was convicted of malice murder and other crimes for the 1993 murder of Gabor Balogh after robbing a bank, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

On Wednesday, Nance’s attorney filed a complaint in the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, arguing Nance’s veins are “unsuitable” for injection because they are hard to see, “heavily scarred” and have “thin walls.”

If the state were to attempt to execution by lethal injection, his veins could “lose their structural integrity … leading to the leakage of the lethal injection drug into the surrounding tissue,” the lawsuit says.

Additionally, Nance uses a prescription drug to treat chronic back pain. The lawsuit claims the drug has changed his brain chemistry to the point the drug pentobarbital may not adequately render him unconscious.

The result of all of this could be “excruciating pain,” the lawsuit argues, violating Nance’s rights under the Eight and Fourteenth Amendments against cruel and unusual punishment.

“There is an alternative method of execution that is feasible and readily implemented which will significantly reduce or eliminate the substantial risk of severe pain to Mr. Nance,” the lawsuit says: Firing squad.

This method, Nance’s lawsuit says, is “swift and virtually painless,” making it a better option for execution.

After hearing the news, Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter — whose office prosecuted Nance’s case back in the 1990s — told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he still felt Nance should be executed, regardless of the lawsuit.

“If he needs a firing squad, then let him have it,” Porter said. “It’s certainly a unique request.”

I can’t even really understand why it’s a unique request.

Why wouldn’t a person request this? It’s certainly much more dignified than lethal injection.

If I ever get sentenced to execution for making jokes about Jews on the internet, I’m going to make demanding a firing squad my main thing.

I want a blindfold, a cigarette and DRUMS.

I’m also going to demand that Wayne Newton be flown in to sing “Danny Boy,” in honor of my proud bogtrotter ancestry.

But probably Wayne would request at least $600 for that gig, and I can’t use crowdfunding services, so getting the money together would be impossible.