Georgia: Vengeful Baboon Finishes Off His Mudshark Ex

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

Tommy Lee Givens Jr.

This slut thought she could avoid paying the toll by breaking up with her pet before he went full ape.

She thought wrong.

A nog will always return to finish the job.


The Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office has made in an arrest in a homicide case.

46-year-old Tommy Lee Givens Jr. is facing charges after the death of 41-year-old Sarah Kay Akridge.

According to Emanuel County Sheriff J. Tyson Stephens, a Thursday afternoon shooting in the Dellwood community of northern Emanuel County led to the death of Akridge.

Deputies responded to the area around 5:00 P.M. after receiving a 911 call of shots being fired. Upon arrival, Akridge was found in a vehicle slightly off the roadway and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation began an investigation and quickly determined the incident was an isolated matter and domestic in nature.

Investigators identified the suspect 46-year-old Tommy Lee Givens Jr. of Swainsboro. Akridge and Givens had previously been involved in a relationship together but had separated.

Givens was identified after a traffic stop and was taken into custody without incident.

He is being held without bond in the Emanuel County Jail on multiple charges related to Akridge’s death.

Sarah Kay Akridge.

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  1. Mudsharks…I just can’t begin to understand them.

    This one is 41 which is too old to be doing the “fuck the nigger to get back at daddy” thing. Maybe she’s a disgusting fattie and this is the best she could do, but from the pic she doesn’t look awful.

    Well, now she’s just another cautionary tale that the national MSM will pretend never happened.

  2. UnCL3 says:

    Toll paid, ya fuckin slut.
    God got you back for dishonoring his beautiful creation.

  3. Women are stupid and impressionable and thankfully Netflix is there to fill their brains with race mixing 24/7/365.


  4. Natural selection. The greatest gift to mankind. Never disturb it.

  5. Yet another positive outcome.

  6. Some women believe the propaganda that blacks are more manly and powerful than white men, but they’re comparing media propaganda to their local coffee maker so of course those women believe it.
    And there’s always the women with daddy issues.
    Also with the saturation of pornography in our daily lives it’s no wonder that some women try on a little bestiality because their brains are so numbed by the absolute degeneracy all around them set this becomes the only thing that stimulates them.
    There’s no doubt that our society is broken and it’s only going to get worse from here before it gets better.

  7. I do wonder how these coal burners can stand the rank dank smell
    Just imagine waking up next to it every morning.
    The smell is innate and can’t be washed away.

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