German Angelique Kerber Defeats Juiced Gorilla Serena Williams in Wimbledon Finals

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2018

The 2018 women’s final at Wimbledon was the story of a German woman defying all odds to defeat a juiced up man ape. It was a truly impressive athletic accomplishment.

This weekend is a pretty big deal for sports fans. We have the World Cup’s final match between the African nation of France and the European nation of Croatia. Then on top of that, we have the Wimbledon men’s and women’s finals. Wimbledon as most of you already know, is widely considered to be the most prestigious yearly tennis tournament in the world.

While most of us couldn’t give a damn about this stuff, they are culturally significant due to the amount of people who pay attention to them. They provide us an opportunity to inject our increasingly popular brand of politics into the mainstream.

The women’s final match at Wimbledon pitted the blonde German Angelique Kerber against the jacked gorilla Serena Williams. Kerber overcame all odds to defeat Williams in straight sets proving that the German master race is capable of overcoming anything.

ESPN ridiculously included more highlights of Serena’s winning shots in their highlight montage even though she lost the damn match. This is just another example of the Jew-run media’s obsession with shoving pro-nigger propaganda down our throats.

But let’s be honest, there is nothing fair about a manly gorilla on performance enhancing drugs competing with normal women. That’s what makes Kerber’s victory all the more impressive.

And it’s idiotic to believe that Williams is not using performance enhancements. All one has to do is look at pictures of her.

There’s also a great deal of evidence to suggest that she’s been using banned substances throughout her career.

Back in 2011 she claimed that she mistook a sports association drug tester for an intruder and hid herself inside a panic room. Talk about a highly unbelievable story. She simply didn’t want to take the drug test because she knew she’d fail.

Plus, a hack of the World Anti-Doping Agency exposed her as having been given exemptions to take drugs that would otherwise be banned. So while it is true that she hasn’t failed a drug test, she’s been given permission to take substances that others would be punished for.

Then of course there’s the distinct possibility that she’s a tranny. But only her gay looking husband Alexis can definitively answer that question.

Overall, it’s good to see that this jacked up ape lost. It’s tiring to see the Jew-run sports media present this ugly creature as the end all and be all of women’s sports. Williams is the biggest fraud in the history of women’s tennis.