German Court Rejects Appeal of 89-Year-Old “Holocaust Denier” Ursula Haverbeck

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2018

You’ve gotta love the photo above.


I mean, I know that “justiz” just means “justice” in German, but it provides a different layer of meaning in this context. In the Judaized West, “justice” has become “justiz” just as “music” has become “muzak”: something that’s been warped and corrupted so horrifically that it needed an equally twisted, unserious new word to describe it.

Also, note that the “justiz” tag is attached to a German traitor who looks like a reanimated corpse – a sharp contrast to Ursula herself, who radiates a liveliness and inner peace reserved for those who serve the forces of truth and goodness.

Symbolism, goyim. That photo is full of it.

ABC News:

Germany’s highest court has thrown out a notorious elderly neo-Nazi’s case against her conviction for Holocaust denial, ruling that her activities are not covered by a constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression.

In May, 89-year-old Ursula Haverbeck was taken to prison to begin a two-year sentence for incitement handed down last year by a court in Verden.

Yes, the report actually refers to Ursula as a “neo-Nazi,” even though she was born in 1928 and remained loyal to the Reich throughout her life.

That’s pretty funny.

Thanks to decades of media influence, all of us – normies in particular – have a very specific idea of what constitutes a neo-Nazi (namely, a trashy and unkempt white man who cosplays as an SS soldier), so it is jarring and ridiculous to see the term applied to an 89-year-old grandmother.

It’s just another example of Jews and their servants (in this case, journalists) going too far. They can’t help themselves. Words are all they have, and when older words lose their impact through overuse, they have to resort to even more extreme words to keep the “wow, just wow” train going.

It reeks of desperation.

Haverbeck has repeatedly said the Auschwitz death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland was just a work camp.

Hmm. I wonder where she got that idea?

I’m pretty sure that sign doesn’t say “gas sets you free.” Though I really, really wish it did.

The Federal Constitutional Court said in its ruling that knowingly spreading proven falsehoods “cannot contribute to forming opinions and as such is not covered by the freedom of opinion”.

It found that denying the Nazi genocide constitutes “disturbing the public peace“.

Actually, Holocaust truths only disturb the peace of the Jewish puppet government that continues to masquerade as a “German” government. The public, on the other hand, have a lot of peace to gain from learning that their ancestors weren’t two-dimensional villains that chandeliered six million flawless kikes, and thus shouldn’t open their borders (and wallets) to the rest of the world forever.

That, of course, is why their treasonous government enforces “Holocaust denial” laws so viciously, and why it continues to make an example out of the small but growing minority who publicly question the twentieth century’s most ridiculous hoax.

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