German Government Calls for Crackdown on Own Supporters After They Rioted Against Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2017

One of the weirdest things yet happened at the G20, when large groups of people who support the policies of the globalist cabal that controls Western Europe rioted against it.

This was no mere “punch a cop” riot, but a full-on Ferguson-tier “let’s burn this bitch down” type riot. It was Arab Spring style.

I am not aware of white people engaging in a riot on this scale at any point in history, and certainly there has never been a riot of this scale against people who have the same policies of the rioters.

Germany is now faced with a weird conundrum.


A series of violent riots that engulfed the city of Hamburg during the G20 summit have provoked a wave of indignation among German politicians who demanded a radical change of approach toward violent protests, as well as to left-wing extremism.

Germany’s image in the international community has been severely damaged due to the incidents in Hamburg,” German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told Bild’s weekend edition following three nights of violent clashes between the left-wing radicals and police in the German northern port city that hosted the G20 summit.

Yeah, that’s putting it lightly.

People from other countries are looking at this like “what in the hell kind of African nonsense have y’all got going on over there?”

All alleged political motives for this orgy of violence are full of deceit and should just serve as a disguise for the real motive of the offenders that [came] from all parts of Europe: violence in itself,” Gabriel added.


The only possible goal could have been “violence in itself.”

Protesters confront a police water cannon during anti G20 demonstrations in Hamburg, Germany, Saturday July 8, 2017. The Group of 20 summit of the largest world economies, which concluded today, revealed tensions on trade with a deal that endorsed open markets but acknowledged countries have a right to put up barriers to block unfair practices. (Axel Heimken/dpa via AP)

Because left-wingers rioting against the most left-wingiest governments ever in history does not make sense in any other context.

The minister also demanded the creation of an EU-wide special investigative committee that would launch an inquiry against all those involved in the violent riots in Hamburg.

“A state governed by the rule of law must now demonstrate an ability to defend itself,” he said.

Yeah, I mean – just imagine if that would have been Moslems rioting instead of whites.

Based on the response of your police, they would easily have been able to take over all government buildings and hold all of your leaders prisoner.

That is really the most important takeaway here: Germany has invited untold millions of radical Islamic extremists to come live in its country, and if they at any point decide to rise up – and at some point they will – and bring down the government, they could do it within a 24-48 hour period. If not quicker.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas also spoke about the necessity of an EU-wide response to outbreaks of left-wing extremism. He particularly demanded the establishment of the European information databank on extremists as well as more intensive exchange of data on extremists committing violent crimes.

“We have faced a new form of violence, to which we should respond with enhanced cooperation in fighting extremists,” Maas told the German media on Monday in Berlin. He also vowed to employ a tougher approach toward violent extremists’ supporters.

Those, who support rampant violence will also have to stand trial,” he said, as cited by the Der Tagesspiegel daily.

In the meantime, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere compared the left-wing rioters in Hamburg to far-right extremists and even Islamists. “Those were not demonstrators. Those were violent and felonious radicals,” the minister said during a press conference on Monday, adding that those who staged violent riots in Hamburg were “despicable, violent extremists just like neo-Nazis and Islamist terrorists.

Except that “far-right extremists” have never done anything even remotely similar to this.

Moslems have done similar things, but on nowhere near this scale. As I’ve said, they will though. And now they know that they can get away with it easily.

He also partly echoed Gabriel’s words by saying that they have no right to use any political motives to justify their actions and expressed his hope that the German courts would pass “tough sentences” upon them.

What were the political motives though?

Even suggesting that they had political motives is giving them a pass, in my opinion.

The only “political” signs I saw read “capitalism kills,” and I don’t even know what that means.

I think most people do not know what that means.

A member of the presidium of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, Jens Spahn, told Bild on Sunday that “the extent of left-wing extremism in Germany has been downplayed for years.”

If those were neo-Nazis who reduced Hamburg to “wreckage and ashes,” the public indignation would be rightfully big, he said, adding that “the left-wing fascists with their hatred and violence need just the same clear response.”



The politician also went further, accusing the Social Democrats, Greens and Left parties of deliberately downplaying the left-wing violence and “closing their eyes” to it.

Pretty hard to “close your eyes” to a smoking city.

I mean, even if you do close your eyes, they’re still going to be tearing up. And you’re going to be coughing.

His words were echoed by CDU Secretary General Peter Tauber, who told Bild that “nobody would come to the idea of just tolerating far-right extremist centers” while, “in case of the left-wing extremist centers such as Rigaer Strasse in Berlin or the Rote Flora in Hamburg, people are often too reserved.”

“That must change,” Tauber added.

Yes, this endless list of admissions that the German state treats the right-wing differently than the left-wing is very enlightening.

His words were echoed by Stephan Mayer, an MP from the CDU’s ally, the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) party, who said that the city authorities in Berlin and Hamburg “should no longer tolerate squatting by left-wing extremists and lawless zones in Rigaer Strasse and the Rote Flora.”

Both places were squatted by left-wing groups after being abandoned years ago.

Similar ideas were expressed by the head of the Federal Chancellor’s Office, Peter Altmaier, who said that the closure of the left-wing extremists’ centers would be a “test” for Germany.

“We should not tolerate any lawless zones,” he said, adding that the left-wing extremists consistently spread the idea that “damage to property is not that bad.” He went on to say that tolerating such ideas is a “grave mistake.”

In his Twitter post, Altmaier also compared what he called “repulsive extreme terror” in Hamburg to terror from right-wing extremists and Islamists. He also thanked Hamburg police for its efforts aimed at containing the rioters.

RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS [citation needed].

What they are saying is, “this is as bad as a fantasy we have of a potential right-wing riot.”

It’s a very weird thing to say.

Almost 500 security officials, including 180 federal police officers, have been injured in the incidents in Hamburg, de Maiziere said during the press conference on Monday. He added that “only two officers now remain in hospital,” although many more security officials still have not fully recovered.

In the meantime, the head of operations for the Hamburg police, Hartmut Dudde, put the number of injured officers from various police departments at 476 at a separate press conference. Dudde’s estimate was also confirmed by the head of the Hamburg police, Ralf Martin Meyer.

Angela Merkel visited Hamburg’s police officers following the series of violent riots during the G20 summit and thanked them for their work.

She also condemned the violence in her speech at the summit.

“I sharply condemn the rampant violence and unrestrained brutality the police was facing over and over again during the G20 summit,” she said at that time, adding that “there is not the slightest justification for looting, arson and brutal attacks.”

Why on earth would you need to state that there is “no justification” for looting and arson?


The looting was definitely the funniest part.


Note that most of the footage was recorded either by RT or by random people from Twitter. The international media did their best to downplay all of this.

But it was just too out of control.