German Government Produces Hate Video Against Germans Tying Immigration to the Holocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2016

The Jew-occupation government of Germany has produced an anti-German hate video against the German people, telling them: “You are not the people, you are the past.”

The hate feature was aired on Germany’s public broadcaster ZDF’s NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE television show.

The video starts out with these lines:

Remember, Remember

The 9th of November

Broken glass, fire and plot.

I know of no reason

Why our own treason

Should ever be forgot.

So, that’s a reference to the pogrom of the Jews known as Kristallnacht, which took place on November 9th, 1938.

This video begins with a reference to the oppression of Jews, then goes on to explain that Germans aren’t really German and need to be flooded with everyone from anywhere.

They are directly using the alleged Holocaust of the Jews as an explanation for why Germany deserves to be destroyed, claiming that the current German population is responsible – through their bloodline – for the alleged actions of some of their countrymen – actions which were taken before they were born, before most of their parents were born.

Let’s compare this to the present situation with Moslems, where they are never responsible for the actions of their own countrymen, and to even ask them a question about the actions of their countrymen can lead to arrest.

Why Muslims Should Never Have To Apologize for Terrorism

A little bit a of double-standard there, no?

The basic concept of holding people responsible for things their ancestors did before they were born is in itself totally insane, as there is no point at which it ends. By this logic, American Blacks should be apologizing for African cannibalism. Eating people is a lot worse than gassing Jews – also, it actually happened. The Moslems would have to apologize for the worst atrocities in history, building the biggest colonial empire which ever existed, largely propelled by trafficking in sex slaves.

But no. Only Whites are responsible for the actions of their ancestors.

If the Germans are going to apologize for something that happened on November 9th, they should apologize for the events of that date in 1923 when they shut down the Beer Hall Putsch. If Hitler had came to power a decade earlier, things might have turned out differently.

After that weird opening, the video shows angry Whites pounding on the windows of a bus of innocent victim Arabs.


An evil White cop then drags the Arab child out of the bus and throws him on the ground. Note that IRL, German cops go so far as to protect Arab gang-rapists.

The video then shows a group of people rising from graves (implying the return of the Nazis), led by the television presenter and comedian Jan Böhmermann, waving Donald Trump placards and signs reading “refugees not welcome.”


Gotta get Donald Trump in there. Because he is literally Hitler.

The risen Nazi crowd then stands against a crowd of multiculturalists, including trannies, people of various ethnicities, a cripple, an orthodox Jew and a Moslem in a burka.


The presenter, singing a little song, calls the White Germans “authoritarian nationalist dorks” and tells them “you are not the people, you are the past,” adding that “true Germans are coming for you, you’d better run fast.”


We then see the risen Nazis holding up pictures of other bad, bad people, as we are condemned for wanting “fences and walls” while told being a liberal “takes bigger balls.”

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The singer then gives off the character traits of the Germans – starting with “nice” and “liberal” – before saying “say it clear and say it loud, we are proud of not being proud.”

Because after all, what do a people who ancestors gassed the six million have to be proud of? Might as well completely destroy their own country and race to alleviate this inherited guilt.

He then sings: “we are here to remind you that we have once been stupid too” as we cut to a Wehrmacht helmet.


Quite literally: we’re reminding you you have to accept all of these migrants because you did the Holocaust.

We then get more Donald Trump, as we hear about “maniacs with wicked hair.”


We even get Putin (and several other evil right-wingers) with Donald Trump hair.


We are then told “Ja, ja, ja, we’ve already been there. Trust our Teutonic expertise, we know where assholery leads.”

And shown pictures of Hitler with glow sticks.


We are then told Germans learned their lesson and are not longer “murderous vandals” but now they come for you in “socks and sandals.”

A little blonde girl then calls the risen Nazis “dickheads” – because children using profanity is oh-so-edgy donchaknow mate. And Hitler would have been against it so it must be good.

Anyway, the whole rest of the liberal paradigm has gotten really stale, and the whole thing really only works when it’s edgy.


She then tells the Nazis to “take a look at these perfectly legal citizens” and adds that “it is perfectly legal for them to do whatever the fuck they want to do, you stupid shit for brains.”

If we were honest, they would have had her insert here “including kidnap and gang-rape me.”

But they didn’t.

Although they are allowed to do that.

She continues: “And do you want to know why, fuckface? Because they’re fucking human beings, like you and everyone else.”

She then even says the word “cunt,” which I’m pretty sure is the worst word of all.

The video finishes with Böhmermann again listing off German values, this time including “never forget (the sixty trillion) and “diversity.

Hilariously, he also lists “freedom of speech,” even while Germany has less freedom of speech than any other country in the world, including China. People are getting their kids taken from them for saying “I don’t like immigration” on Facebook. Not to mention the entire concept of the video is that all criticism of immigration must be shut down.

It’s a very weird video. Possibly the weirdest video I have ever seen. But that’s a good thing. They are getting desperate.

Because the winds of change are blowing, brothers.

This is our time.

hitler smile

Hail Victory.